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Paid Time Off (PTO)
PTO combines personal time with holidays, vacation and sick time to give you flexibility in scheduling and using your benefits. You earn this time when you work and hours are credited to your PTO bank each time you get paid. Eligible employees begin to accrue leave immediately and are eligible to use this leave after successful completion of the 90-day introductory period. Accrual rates vary depending on employment status and increase with length of service. One other thing you can do with your PTO, if you so choose, is to donate some of it to a fellow employee for an emergency if that person did not have any PTO. An emergency might be the employee’s illness, or his/her child’s or spouse’s illness. Twice a year you have the option of cashing out some of your PTO as long as maintain a balance of 80 hours.

Leaves of Absence

You may take up to 12 weeks of leave in case of serious illness affecting yourself or an immediate family member, or in the case of the birth or adoption of a child. Up to 26 weeks of leave is also available if you need to care for an injured family member of the U.S. military.

Employees may be eligible for personal, military, or educational leaves of absence.

Hardin Memorial Health provides up to three days off for the loss of an immediate family member.

Adoption Assistance
Hardin Memorial Health provides cash reimbursement to assist with the adoption of a child. Full-time employees can receive up to $3,000 and part-time up to $1,500. The maximum benefit is two per family per calendar year.

Fitness Centers
HMH has contracts with several local fitness centers by which regular full-time and part-time employees can have memberships at reduced rates. Fees are payroll-deducted. If you want to join one of the fitness centers you should speak to management at the center you wish to join.
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