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Med Surg / Oncology
The Med-Surg/Oncology and Palliative Care Unit is a 39 bed unit which is located on the 5th floor. Our Unit specializes in the care of patients with medical and surgical needs as well as cancer patients and palliative care. We also have cardiac flex monitoring capabilities within our nursing unit which enables us to integrate advanced technology in our care for this important patient population. The unit primarily treats patients with a history of cancer or those patients currently being treated for cancer. We also take care of a wide variety of medical and surgical patients.

2 North
2 North is a 21 bed unit which is located on the second floor. 2 North specializes in the quality care of our patients. We have nine private rooms designated for our total joint replacement patients. The unit primarily treats Ortho, Neuro, and ears nose and throat patients.

4th Floor
Fourth Floor-Surgical/Telemetry is a 39 bed unit which is located on the 4th floor. Fourth Floor specializes in Surgery and Telemetry patients. The unit primarily treats patients after they have surgery and require an in-patient stay including general surgeries such as colon resection, cholecystectomy, or appendectomy; urology surgeries such as TURP or nephrectomy; vascular surgeries such as femoral-popliteal bi-pass. Patients requiring cardiac monitoring are also cared for including chest pain-rule out myocardial infarction, atrial fibrillation or hypertension. In addition, medical patients such as stroke/TIA, pneumonia, heart failure, gastrointestinal bleeding.

Progressive Care Unit (PCU)
The Progressive Care Unit (PCU) is a 36 bed, step-down telemetry unit which is located on the 2nd floor. PCU specializes in the care of patients with acute and chronic cardiac and pulmonary disorders and diagnoses as well as acute neurological disorders. PCU also specializes in patients undergoing interventional cardiology procedures such as Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty (PTCA) with or without placement of a stent and Elective Synchronized Cardioversion. The unit primarily treats patients in need of continuous cardiac monitoring including patients diagnosed with myocardial infarction (MI), congestive heart failure (CHF), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and stroke.

Intensive Care / Surgical Intensive Care
The Intensive Care Unit is a 20 bed unit which is located on the second floor. The Intensive Care Unit specializes in Critical Care, and consists of two smaller 10 bed units, the Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) and the Coronary Intensive Care Unit (CICU). The CICU primarily treats cardiac and neurological patients as well as medical ICU patients. The SICU primarily treats post-operative surgical patients and medical ICU patients.

Medical Care Unit
Medical Care Unit is a 23-bed unit, which consists of 18 regular beds and 5 isolation rooms. The unit primarily treats all types of medical patients as well as taking flex monitored patients as needed. Our patient population consists primarily of renal, respiratory, and isolation; with the ages ranging from 18 and up. M.C.U. is located on the second floor. As a unit, the focus is team work and patient satisfaction; our goals are to exceed a patient’s and their family’s emotional, spiritual, and physical needs.

Emergency Department
The Emergency Department is a 31 bed unit located on the first floor. The Emergency Department specializes in providing emergency medical care to patients of all ages and all diagnoses. Our current patient volume is approximately 60,000 patient visits annually. All Emergency Department physicians are certified in Emergency Medicine. All Registered Nurses are trained in ACLS, PALS, and TNCC. Many RNs are certified in emergency nursing. The Emergency Department offers a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner program, a STEMI program, and is accredited by the Joint Commission as a Primary Stroke Center.

Birthplace is a unit that has 14 post-partum rooms, six Labor & Delivery rooms, one recovery area with two operating rooms available which is located on the 4th floor. Birthplace specializes in labor and delivery, postpartum care, well baby newborn care and Level II Special care nursery. The unit primarily treats pregnant patients over 20 week’s gestation, laboring patients, Cesarean section patients, newborn babies, and post- partum mothers.

Cardiovascular Services
Cardiovascular Services is a diagnostic testing department for inpatients and outpatients. Some of the services provided include, EKGs, echocardiograms, vascular studies, tilt table exams, stress tests, and invasive cardiac procedures. Cardiac and pulmonary rehab services are also available for Phase II and Phase III patients. CVS is located on the first floor with additional outpatient vascular procedures performed at the Wound Care center on Woodland Ave. Outpatient registration is available in the department.

Nursing Facility
Nursing Facility is a 15 bed unit which is located on the 3rd floor. The Nursing Facility specializes in rehabilitation of residents. The unit primarily treats residents that have had orthopedic surgery, strokes and medical residents that require more care and are not ready to be discharged home.

Oncology/Radiation Therapy
Oncology/ Radiation Therapy is a unit which is located in the basement. Radiation & Medical Oncology specializes in Cancer Care treating adult patients only. This department is open Monday through Friday. We have the latest in technology and can perform SRS and SBRT along with conventional therapy in Radiation Oncology. We have (2) employed medical oncologist and (1) non employed medical oncologist. The unit primarily treats Cancer and blood disorder patients only.

Surgery has eight operating rooms and is located on the 3rd floor. Surgery performs approximately 500 cases per month. The area performs vascular, ENT, plastics, ortho, GYN, urology, general, & robotic surgeries. Surgery treat patients of all ages from infant to geriatrics and patients undergoing outpatient procedures in addition to all patients admitted to the hospital after surgery.

Outpatient Surgery Center (OSC)
The Outpatient Surgery Center (OSC) has 24 pre/post beds and four OR suites and is located on the first floor. The outpatient Surgery Center specializes in outpatient surgeries and procedures. This area sees about 3,700 patients a year with the majority of these as outpatients. We specialize in General Surgery, Orthopedics, and Cataract surgeries to name a few.

Surgical Center of Elizabethtown
Surgical Center of Elizabethtown is a seven OR bed unit which is located in an offsite area. The Surgical Center specializes in ambulatory surgery. The unit primarily treats healthy patients requiring outpatient surgery.

Endoscopy Center
The Endoscopy unit has five procedure rooms and performs 6,200 procedures a year. The unit is located on the second floor of the Outpatient Surgery & Endoscopy Center building which will be renamed North Tower. The Endoscopy unit treats both inpatients and outpatients and performs the following procedures: colonoscopy, esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD), bronchoscopy, Endoscopic Retrograde CholangioPancreatography (ERCP) and capsule studies.
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