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Each year in honor of Florence Nightingale’s Birthday, we take time to recognize the caring, the commitment, devotion, and expertise of the nurses who take care of patients. Nursing is the most vital piece of patient care. They implement physician orders to speed recovery, hold the patients hand during treatments, provide comfort during times of loss, listen and seek opportunities and avenues to improve patient’s lives every day.

Recognition of our nursing staff involves a reception in their honor during the day and the celebration cart that rounded on the nursing units on the night shift. Gift cards donated by the Patient Care Managers and other Leaders are given away in a lottery drawing. Nominations are accepted from physicians and their peers for outstanding nurse of each department. During the reception, awards are presented to each units outstanding nurse.

The profession of nursing has evolved since the days of Florence Nightingale and even today changes occur every day with nursing and healthcare. Yet, nursing remains at the heart of healthcare, which is why we take time to celebrate all they do for our patients.

Daisy Awards
The DAISY Foundation was established in 2000 by members Patrick Barnes. He died at the age of 33 from complications of Idiopathic ThrombocyticPurpura (ITP). Like many families we see every day that go through this kind of horrific loss, the Barnes family wanted to find a way to turn their grief into something positive and do something that would honor how very special Patrick was.

The family developed the DAISY Foundation—an acronym for Diseases Attacking the Immune System. As the family brainstormed about what this foundation would function, they kept coming back to one positive thing they found solace from during Pat’s eight week illness: the amazing care he and his family received from Pat’s nurses, even when he was sedated. The family was impressed by the clinical care Pat’s nurses provided and overwhelmed by the level of compassion and kindness that his nurses brought to Pat’s beside consistently everyday. The family came to understand that the communication and attention being paid to Pat was a very important part of the clinical care nurses provide. Because of this experience, the DAISY Foundation was “born” and there are now about 1,000 healthcare organizations (HMH included) in seven countries, committed to honoring nurses with The Daisy Award. To date, the Foundation has recognized over 18,000 nurses for their extraordinary care, and over 120,000 stories of extraordinary nursing care have been written in Daisy nominations.

Hardin Memorial Hospital began recognizing nurses with The Daisy Award in April 2012. The DAISY Award truly exemplifies the alignment in our journey through the “Art of Caring”.

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