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Course Description:
This offering is designed to provide basic knowledge of arrhythmias, cardiac monitoring and treatment protocols, including medications. There will be a review of normal heart electrical conduction, lead placement and physiology of myocardial function.

At the completion of this course, the participant will be able to:
Describe the internal blood flow through the systemic and pulmonary circulations of the heart. 
Identify the coronary artery system.
Define the effects on the heart and heart rate by the parasympathetic and sympathetic nerve systems. 
Describe depolarization and repolarization.
List and define the three properties of electrical cells within the conduction system.
Detail the normal electrical impulse flow through the conduction system of the heart.
Identify the normal characteristics of the P wave, PR interval, QRS complex, ST segment, T wave and QT interval.
Describe a systematic approach to dysrhythmia recognition.
Recognize basic dysrhythmias when given a rhythm strip and describe hemodynamic effects with the treatment protocols indicated.
Identify three factors of pacemaker malfunctions with therapeutic interventions.
Define indications, adverse effects and nursing considerations of anti-arrhythmic drugs.

Target Audience:
RNs, LPNs and Allied Health Professionals interested in Dysrhythmia recognition and treatment.

Contact Hours:
21.6 Contact Hours

Fee:  $145.00

Mary Lois Martin, RN, BSN, CCRN
Clinical Health Educator
Hardin Memorial Hospital

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