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We’re excited to have work underway on the North Tower. In early October, we began installing protection on the existing roof to ensure it is not damaged during construction. The existing roof must remain in place to keep the building dry until the new roof is installed. We also relocated some rooftop equipment to make way for the new construction. The staging area was fenced off and the construction access stairs were put in place. Underground utilities were located to ensure they do not get damaged during construction. Some of these utilities are actually being relocated to make way for the new elevator on the north end of the building. Piers have been installed beneath the existing building foundation adjacent to the new elevator.

In the coming weeks, the concrete for the elevator pit will be poured. The first of the structural steel arrived on-site in late October and it actually started going in place in early November. Shortly after that, we discovered a layout issue. In the coming days, you will see steel coming down and being reinstalled to ensure it is in precisely the right location. Just before Christmas, the concrete for the 4th floor is scheduled to be poured.

A North Tower Web Camera has been installed to capture the images of the North Tower’s progress. Please visit view our North Tower Web Cam to monitor the progress of the construction from your computer. From time-to-time we will be offering some time-lapse photography to show the progress of the building in quick 30-second video files.

The North Tower photo contest will be coming to a close by the end of November. Please make sure to get all entries emailed or dropped off by November 30, 2013.

We know that our community is very excited about the North Tower project and the impact it will have on our patients and their families. In coming months, we will be providing a North Tower Project update to add a narrative to the North Tower construction process.

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