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Generous donation allows HMH to tap into state of the art technology

The Hardin Memorial Hospital (HMH) Foundation announced on June 17, 2014 the purchase of new state of the art vibration technology rehabilitation equipment called the VibeTech One™ rehabilitation chair. The purchase was made possible thanks to a generous donation from Robert Robbins, M.D.

Vibration technology is used to improve muscle tone and strength in patients who are unable to tolerate weight bearing physical activity. Astronauts first used the technology to overcome muscle atrophy due to zero gravity during spaceflight.
Now HMH patients can use the same technology following hip or other lower extremity fractures and strokes. Patients suffering the effects of Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis or other neurological impairment can also use the equipment to improve their mobility. It may also benefit others who have a history of falls or an increased risk of falling due to age, injury, surgery, illness or disability.

This patented, clinically tested neuromusculoskeletal stimulation technology is also FDA-registered and has now been extended for use in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, physical therapy clinics, sports medicine facilities, and other rehabilitation centers. It offers reliable treatment with its pivoting seat that enables easy access from a wheelchair, walker, crutches or cane. According to VibeTech, treatment regimens are suggested for a period lasting up to 10 minutes, three to five times per week that yields exercise response without user effort.

Robbins, a retired member of the HMH medical staff and long-time advocate of providing world-class medical care for HMH patients, learned about the product at the Innovation Summit for Long-Term Care where the equipment was showcased as a way to help patients suffering from musculoskeletal frailty.  “State of the art healthcare can and should be available close to home,” said Robbins. “This equipment is yet another example of how HMH is providing the highest level of care to its patients.”

HMH Foundation Development Director, Tracee Troutt, touted Robbins generosity. “We are blessed to be the benefactors of Dr. Robbins generosity,” said Troutt. “HMH was founded some 60 years ago thanks to visionary leaders and Dr. Robbins is one of many who are ensuring that legacy of world class care close to home can continue.”

This technology is available either both by a Physicians Order and as deemed Medically Necessary by a Physical Therapist or as a cash base service of $35 per treatment. For more information call the HMH Therapy & Sports Medicine Center at (270) 706-5010.

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