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Download the Walk for Obesity Information sheet.

Download the Kentucky Health Ranking Information sheet.

Kentucky Obesity Epidemic Has Met Its Match

Did you know that National Kentucky ranks…

43rd Cardiovascular Deaths
49th Heart Disease
44th Physical Activity
49th Preventable Hospitalization
45th Strokes
49th Heart Attacks
47th Diabetes
49th High Cholesterol
47th High Blood Pressure
50th Poor Physical Health Days
47th Prevalence of Obesity
50th Cancer Deaths

44th - Overall Health Ranking - Source: America’s Health Rankings®

However, beginning in 2011, June 21st will become more than the Summer Solstice. It will be known as The Day Kentucky Took the Lead in Becoming Simply Healthy.

On Tuesday, June 21, 2011, the Coach Mo-tivation Health Initiative will kick-off with a Walk for Obesity held in Frankfort. The walk will begin with remarks from First Lady Jane Beshear at 11:00 am in front of Exum Center at the Kentucky State University and the walk will conclude on the Capitol steps at noon. At 12:15 pm, a kick-off rally will present the full details of the initiative and support of elected officials, cabinet officials, and other leaders in state government along with leaders in the health care community and in business, cities and community organizations.
The Coach Mo-tivation Health Initiative’s goal is to get all Kentuckians moving. Research proves that disease process can be reversed or alleviated with physical activity and healthy eating. The spirit of increased physical activity is the ultimate goal of this initiative. Citizens of the Commonwealth are challenged to come together as one state and collectively complete a walk of 10,000,000 miles in one year. As Kentuckians increase their physical activity to achieve better health, they will realize a cost saving in money spent on healthcare.

The partners of the Coach Mo-tivation Health Initiative hope this event will motivate people to take the first step to better health. They contend that millions of dollars spent on healthcare each year can be saved, and disease processes can be reversed or alleviated, as citizens choose to lower their body weight.

Background Information: Mozzie “Coach Mo” Dewalt is a Kentucky native who participated in the 2008 season of The Biggest Loser. During his time on the show, his perseverance in the face of numerous injuries and health problems defied the naysayers and gained him nationwide support and affection. It also gave him the platform to bring his passion for being simply healthy to every corner of his beloved Kentucky.

Coach Mo-tivation Health Initiative Partners include: American Diabetes Association, Baptist Healthcare System, Baptist East Milestone Wellness Center, Bullitt County Health Department, Hardin Memorial Health, Norton Healthcare, Lincoln Trail District Health Department, Louisville Metro Public Health and Wellness, Representative Reginald Meeks, University of Louisville Hospital.

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