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The Pharmacy at Hardin Memorial Hospital dispenses over 1.5 million doses of drugs annually. The Pharmacy clinical service calculates doses of many medications for the medical staff. In an effort to help physicians and nurses with medication questions, Pharmacists are also stationed on inpatient nursing units. The pharmacy at Hardin Memorial Hospital is very active with quality management; especially with medication safety in order to make the hospital a safer, more effective, place to be for all of our patients.

Bedside Medication Management- At Hardin Memorial Hospital, patient safety is the main priority. To help safeguard patients, a new process was implemented to ensure patient safety and prevent medical errors - bedside medication verification (BMV). Upon admission, each patient is given a bar-coded armband. A caregiver scans the patient’s armband to confirm the patient’s identity, and then scans the bar-coded medication. The medication is then compared against the medications on the patient’s electronic medication administration record (eMAR), which raises an alert if a medication is not listed on the patient’s profile. BMV ensures that the right patient receives the correct medication and dosage, via the correct route, and at the correct time. The system also checks for potential drug interactions, food and drug interactions, and allergies.

Medication Storage At Home
That bathroom medicine cabinet certainly seems convenient. However, it could be the worst place for your medications. The warmth and humidity in your bathroom can break down many prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Instead, keep your medicines in one cool, dry place, locked up and out of reach of children and pets.

Here are some other drug-storage tips:

  • Take the cotton plug out of an opened bottle. It can absorb moisture.
  • Toss pills that have changed color, feeling, or smell, as well as tablets or capsules that stick together or are cracked or chipped.
  • After taking your medicine as prescribed, dispose of leftover drugs safely. Crush or dissolve the pills, then mix them with kitty litter or old coffee grounds and put them in a sealable plastic bag in your trash. Remove and destroy the prescription label.

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