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Hardin Memorial Hospital Foundation, Inc. announces a new collaboration with Project Fit America (PFA). PFA is a non-profit organization that implements innovative Fitness in Education in schools grades 1-8. Hardin Memorial Hospital Foundation raised over $8,000 with the 2012 HMH Run for Fun and plans to raise the remaining $10,000 needed to pilot this program in one school with the 2013 HMH Run for Fun and Etown Dolphins Sprint Triathlon. PFA conducted a call for proposal with all public schools in Hardin, Larue and Meade Counties. The school that was selected by PFA for program award is Lakewood Elementary School in Cecilia, KY.

The PFA program will give each school the following:
• State-of-the-art above ground outdoor fitness equipment.
• Indoor fitness program materials:
• 1,000 Fitness Cups. These are fitness cups for explosive cardio, teamwork, challenge and cooperation with the kids.
• A squad set of 5 Sports Hoops. The hoops are 3 pounds in weight and great for creating upper body strength, cardio, abdominal training and development.
• Pacer cadence CD. Activity led in an area as small as 43-60 feet. This activity provides outstanding cardio training with “beeped” cadence the kids shuttle run in timed sequences in progressively faster sequences.
• Lesson Plan Support Materials. Essential school supplies such as 200 food models, laminated skeleton bones and PE Music to accompany the most popular lesson plans. As well as unlimited certificates and ribbons for award and incentive for the students!
• Curriculum. The first is the Broad Based Curriculum for classroom teachers. The second is a comprehensive Core Curriculum for the PE Teacher.
• Teacher training at the school sites with PE Fitness Specialists from PFA this fall to teach how to use all the equipment, lessons and materials. The program will be integrated into the school and used on a daily basis.

Before the program launches this fall, teachers will pre fitness test students to gather their base line and repeat those tests next spring to track and document fitness improvements in the students. We will be hosting a media day and Opening Day Kick off in the fall after the schools have been trained in the program. These events will feature the students providing demonstration of the program.

“Our partnership with Project Fit America to fund this program at Lakewood Elementary speaks to our continued commitment to put forth both healthcare services and wellness education in our community.” said Dennis Johnson, President of Hardin Memorial Health.

“We appreciate the support and collaboration of Hardin Memorial Health and Project Fit,” Hardin County Schools Superintendent Nannette Johnston said. “Our schools’ physical fitness programs teach children to stay fit and make good choices. This partnership will enhance those efforts and give our students even greater opportunities. We are very thankful.”
To join in the effort to bring Project Fit America to Lakewood Elementary and sponsor the 2013 HMH Run for Fun on November 9, 2013 at Freeman Lake Park, contact Lisa Murphy, Wellness Coordinator at or 270-706-5540.


Since 1980 childhood obesity has tripled according to the U. S. Surgeon Generals’ Report. In answer to this alarming trend, Project Fit America provides an action-based solution that works. Formed in 1990, PFA is a nonprofit organization that donates fully funded fitness programs to schools creating new opportunities for children to be active, fit and healthy as part of the everyday school experience. Programming includes state-of-the-art fitness equipment specifically designed to address the deficit areas where children fail fitness tests, indoor mobile fitness equipment, a dynamic curriculum with games and activities the kids play on the PFA outdoor & indoor equipment, and in class instruction on subjects such as smoking intervention, nutrition and understanding your body. PFA also provides support to the schools for two years with training on site.

In the 23 years since PFA’s inception, over $11 million dollars has been raised for this vital initiative and PFA is now operating in more than 870 schools in 300 cities in 43 states. Hardin Memorial Hospital Foundation in Elizabethtown, KY and Lakewood Elementary will serve as a state model program for Fitness in Education.

Research shows that not only is physical education important for a child’s physical development, it actually helps kids read and learn math. “A healthy and active child is a better learner. Quality Physical Education has a direct impact on a child’s academic success, said Stacey Cook, Executive Director which is why we applaud Hardin Memorial Hospital Foundation for taking this leadership role and bringing programming to these schools. These exemplary partnerships between the public and private sectors prove we can all work together to make a difference in improving the health of children.”

? The Government estimates 6 million American children are now overweight enough to endanger their health.
? An additional 5 million are on the threshold and the problem is growing even more extreme as it becomes more widespread.
? Ten years ago, the medical community found that type 2 Diabetes did not occur until after 40 years of age. Now it is regularly found in pediatric patients.

The lack of fitness and health awareness contributes to many problems as cited by classroom teachers. Some examples include:

? Lack of self-esteem
? Hyperactivity
? Aggressive behavior resulting in classroom disruptions and playground fights
? Experimenting with unsafe diet practices (fasting, diet pills, purging)
? Poor academic performance

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