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September is National Infant Mortality Awareness Month, a campaign sponsored by the National Healthy Start Association (NHSA). During this month, people are encouraged to become more aware and educated about how they can help ensure babies reached their first birthday.

Among industrialized countries, the United States is ranked 29th in the world in infant mortality. The infant mortality rate is 6.8 infant deaths per 1000 live births, and the rate of death hasn't declined since the year 2000. Premature birth, low birth weight and shorter gestation periods account for more than 60% of all US infant deaths.

The National Healthy Start Association (NHSA) supports the expansion of a wide range of activities and efforts rooted in local communities by addressing the issues of infant mortality, low birth weight, abuse and racial disparities in perinatal outcomes.

On a personal note, no child ever deserves to be abused. What they do deserve is to be in a warm and caring environment feeling loved and safe. We all play a significant role in protecting the most vulnerable of all citizens. Protecting a child from harm means that abuse will be eliminated. Protecting a child from harm ensures a bright future. Protecting a child from harm gives us all Hope for Tomorrow.

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