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Quality Healthcare Close to Home
Hardin Memorial Hospital makes quality healthcare its first priority. We strive to provide optimal care to every patient based on the most current evidence-based practice provided by skilled and caring healthcare professionals. Because we believe that patients have the right to accurate and complete information in order to make informed healthcare decisions, we are sharing our performance on important quality, safety and patient satisfaction measures.

How We Measure Up
We know you have choice when it comes to selecting a doctor and a hospital. When making that choice, quality should be one of many consideration you use. The quality measures we report here are some of the things we use internally to assess quality and make improvements. Our ongoing improvement initiatives help us deliver better health care to you and your family. Click on related links to see how we compare.

How to Compare
As more health care quality information is made available by hospitals, governmental agencies and other organizations, it is important to make sure you are comparing similar measures. In some cases, measures may sound the same, but it could be like comparing apples and oranges. Here are a few tips to make sure the quality measures you are comparing are actually the same:

  • Do the measures use the same scale (such as infections per 1,000 patients)?
  • Do the measures use numbers or percentages?
  • Do the measures combine scores (such as "excellent," very good" and "good") or just report a single score (such as "excellent")?

When comparing institutions, always make sure the measures are reported the same way. The quality measures in this section are self reported. There are a number of external Websites that provide data on hospital quality, including Hardin Memorial. We have put together a list of quality organizations to make it easy for you.

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