July 21, 2014

Hardin Memorial Hospital’s North Tower vertical expansion project continues to dominate the landscape at 913 North Dixie Avenue and is still on schedule for its projected completion of Spring 2015.
Begun in mid-September 2013, a flurry of activity continues around the northern part of the hospital campus as construction crews work feverishly to keep the project on time and on budget. At this date, the building’s exterior is coming to life and metal panels will wrap around all sides of the third and fourth floors within the next one to two months.

In the interior, framing and mechanicals such as plumbing, HVAC and electricity are virtually complete, and drywall hanging has begun.

As finishing strokes are applied to the building’s habitable spaces, human touches and comfort will intersect with the hospital’s promise to provide state-of-the art private rooms and common areas. Spaciousness and a modern look will be quite evident.

Accentuating the facility’s modern design and architecture will be colorful images capturing the natural beauty of Central Kentucky. Images provided by local photographers, and voted upon by the public, will grace every room and common area.
“Through focus group research and discussions, we determined that patients find great comfort and pleasure by viewing images of nature,” said director of marketing and public relations for Hardin Memorial Health. “We, therefore, decided last fall to solicit images from local photographers through an online contest, and we received thousands of photos for consideration. Public voting ensures that everyone will have a certain element of ownership.”

The public is encouraged to visit Hardin Memorial Health’s Facebook page to vote on images for inclusion in the North Tower expansion project. The final round of images and voting is in its last two weeks and will wrap up within the next month.

Hardin Memorial Health's Facebook Page - North Tower Photo Contest

December 19, 2013
Due to the upcoming wet weather forecast for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we have made the decision to the wrap the beam in a tarp at 3 pm today to protect it from the weather elements throughout the weekend. We have some very special hand prints and other artistic touches we do not want to have distorted by the rain forecast. The beam will be back on display and available for signatures Monday Dec 23 morning at 7:00 am up until the start of the Topping Out ceremony at 2:00 pm.

December 11, 2013
Hardin Memorial Health to Celebrate a Significant Construction Milestone
Members of the community are invited to participate in two special events planned to celebrate a significant milestone in the completion of Hardin Memorial Hospital's North Tower.

North Tower Beam Signing Opportunity
On Monday, December 16, 2013 a 20 foot beam will be placed in the courtyard in front of the Outpatient Surgery & Endoscopy Center. The community is encouraged to sign the beam and leave messages of hope and appreciation. The beam will be available from December 16 – 22, for signatures. Members of the community who wish to scribe a message can pick up a marker inside the Outpatient Surgery Endoscopy Center during business hours.

“Topping Out” Ceremony
A “Topping Out” Ceremony will be held on December 23, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. to mark the securing of the uppermost beam atop the North Tower at Hardin Memorial Hospital. Immediately following the ceremony guests are invited to enjoy a Hot Chocolate Bar inside the Outpatient Surgery & Endoscopy Center lobby.

The symbolic steel beam in the “Topping Out” Ceremony will be adorned with an evergreen tree symbolizing growth and good luck, and an American flag, along with signatures from our ironworkers, construction crews and our community. The use of a American flag and tree on the steel beam is an American ironworker tradition that dates back to the beginning of the last century.

Construction of the new North Tower began earlier this year in October 2013. The North Tower when completed will showcase two new floors, featuring 56 new private rooms at Hardin Memorial Hospital. The new North Tower is expected to be completely finished in the spring of 2015.

November 17, 2013
Hardin Memorial Hospital North Tower Construction Update
We’re excited to have work underway on the North Tower. In early October, we began installing protection on the existing roof to ensure it is not damaged during construction. The existing roof must remain in place to keep the building dry until the new roof is installed. We also relocated some rooftop equipment to make way for the new construction. The staging area was fenced off and the construction access stairs were put in place. Underground utilities were located to ensure they do not get damaged during construction. Some of these utilities are actually being relocated to make way for the new elevator on the north end of the building. Piers have been installed beneath the existing building foundation adjacent to the new elevator.

In the coming weeks, the concrete for the elevator pit will be poured. The first of the structural steel arrived on-site in late October and it actually started going in place in early November. Shortly after that, we discovered a layout issue. In the coming days, you will see steel coming down and being reinstalled to ensure it is in precisely the right location. Just before Christmas, the concrete for the 4th floor is scheduled to be poured.

A North Tower Web Camera has been installed to capture the images of the North Tower’s progress. Please visit view our North Tower Web Cam to monitor the progress of the construction from your computer. From time-to-time we will be offering some time-lapse photography to show the progress of the building in quick 30-second video files.

The North Tower photo contest will be coming to a close by the end of November. Please make sure to get all entries emailed or dropped off by November 30, 2013.

We know that our community is very excited about the North Tower project and the impact it will have on our patients and their families. In coming months, we will be providing a North Tower Project update to add a narrative to the North Tower construction process.

August 19, 2013

"Raising the Roof" Celebration
Guest enjoined a perfect summer morning to celebrate the raising of the roof of the Outpatient Surgery & Endoscopy Center to add two new floors of all private patient rooms. The addition will in its final state be referred to as the North Tower. In a symbolic manner guest released butterflies to celebrate the transformation of the patient and family experience.  View Photos

Mock Patient Room
Guest at the "Raising the Roof" Celebration enjoyed this morning's events by touring a Mock Patient Room that resembles one of the new all private patient rooms in the soon to be North Tower. This room has been used by staff throughout the design phase of the project to ensure the best patient and family experience. Now is an opportunity for the community to provide feedback on the room. View Photos and provide feedback

North Tower Photo Contest

Hardin Memorial Health is asking the community to submit nature/outdoor, from all four seasons, themed photographs to be featured in the private patient rooms and waiting areas on the third and fourth floor of the new North Tower currently under construction. Learn More

March 19, 2013
We are very excited about Hardin Memorial Hospital’s master facility plan that will improve the healthcare experience for patients, families and staff. In the past month, we have held one focus group and plan to have others to gain insight from our patients. Please take a few moments to download the presentation presented to the Board of Trustees on March 19, 2013.  We have also established to be used for the community to send their comments via email  so that they can be considered. As work progresses, we will have regular update on this page and though our social media outlets. We encourage the community to start socializing with us online so that they are kept up-to-date on this amazing project.

Master Facility Plan presented March 19, 2013

  • Outpatient Surgery and Endoscopy Center to be renamed the ‘North Tower’, and expanded vertically by two floors, containing all private patient rooms
  • Cancer Care Center upgraded
  • Emergency Department will be renovated and expanded

More photos are available on Hardin Memorial Health's Facebook Page

Did you know…

Hardin Memorial Hospital opened as a result of the efforts of the Lion's Club.

• The Lion’s Club began a fund raising project in 1947.

• Many Hardin County residents felt as though the county did not need or could afford a hospital, as residents of Hardin and surround counties were accustomed to traveling to Louisville, Kentucky or Nashville, Tennessee for healthcare.

• In a 1947 vote, residents elected not to support a bond proposal to fund the building of the hospital.

• Four years later, many civic organizations joined the Lions Club in the hospital building project.

• In a 1951 election, Hardin County voters elected to support the bond issue of $400,000 to build Hardin Memorial Hospital, a county owned facility whose Board of Trustees consists of the members of Hardin County Fiscal Court. After the bond issue was voted, the Hardin County Fiscal Court found that an additional $50,000 was needed to equip the hospital. The Board asked the citizens of Hardin County to contribute. Instead of raising $50,0000 the citizens raised $70,000 in donations ranging from a few cents to several donations of $1,000. The Hill-Burton Act generated $587,430.18 in construction funds.  

• County tax dollars do not support the hospital, the organization is self-funding

• Hardin Memorial Hospital opened on February 14, 1954 and in following years added several major additions to the main campus. As the delivery of healthcare has changed, so have the expansion efforts of Hardin Memorial Hospital.

• Hardin Memorial has continued to grow as the community has and strives to meet the community’s healthcare needs through the addition of service lines, advanced technology, recruitment of physicians, and community outreach.

• In May 2011, Hardin Memorial Hospital announced that they had created a new name to better identify with its efforts in the many communities it serves and positions the organization as a comprehensive health system named Hardin Memorial Health.

• Having all of the service locations branded as the hospital location made it difficult for the community to decipher where to go for care. Hardin Memorial Hospital kept its name, but the idea of healthcare provided throughout the services area was larger then one hospital brand. Hardin Memorial Health is a collection of healthcare services in Hardin, LaRue, Meade and Nelson counties that includes the main campus location of Hardin Memorial Hospital along with more than 35 off-site locations all committed to delivering dedicated patient care to a ten-county service area and a population of 350,000 people.

• Hardin Memorial Hospital will celebrate it 60th Anniversary in 2014.
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