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Health care is changing in today’s world. One of the biggest changes is how people communicate. With the rise of the Internet and smartphones, people expect to have information faster and more convenient than ever. Hardin Memorial Health is proud to announce its first patient portal “My HMH Record”. This will allow patients a safe and secure way to gain access to their health information and engage with health care providers that works best with their busy schedule.

When you sign up for My HMH Record, you will be able to manage your health care and access your medical records from your computer in the comfort of your own home or on the go. The portals functionality will continue to develop as more and more patients and providers enroll and start to use this technology. Some of the benefits include:

  • Access to lab and other diagnostic test results
  • Access to view health care account information and pay bills
  • Set up and management of Personal Health Records (PHR)
Since your medical privacy is a top priority, we have also taken precautions to keep your personal information highly secure with an encryption technology. To gain access to your personal health information your identity will need to be validated. To validate your identity and enroll in My HMH Record, visit Hardin Memorial Hospital or visit our WOW Wellness on Wheels Mobile Unit out in the community.

Once your identity has been validated, past results dating back to November 2012 and future results will automatically post to your patient portal account. You will receive emails notifying you of additions to your account.

In order to protect the privacy of patients and an their medical records. My HMH Record utilizes relationships to grant and remove access to information in the tool. This is done by design to protect both the patient and the health care provider in the release of protected health care information as required by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). Hardin Memorial Health and other providers in the community must check and verify the information that is provided online to their patient record. This verification process may vary by health care provider.

Hardin Memorial Health requires that every patient who wants access to their medical records from Hardin Memorial Health present in person to verify their identity, along with any dependents, if they are going to be included on the account. Once verification has occurred users will be able to see medical records dated back to November 2012. If a patient signs up for the patient portal online, a patients information will be validated against information on file within the patients medical record. If a patients information matches 100% then online access will be granted.

HIPAA - Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act
PHI - Personal Health Information
PHR - Personal Health Records
Relationship - This term is used to identify that a provider and patient have a past history of care and that they both consent to the release of the patient's medical records.
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