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Will my insurance pay my bill?
Since insurances have different types of policies, you should check with your insurance to see if your services will be covered under your particular policy. Also, check to see if your service requires pre-certification notice to your insurance company. It is very important to contact your insurance before your service so all of your questions or notifications can be resolved. If you are unsure what to ask your insurance provider, please ask for help from the Patient Financial Services at 270-706-1565.

Do I need to contact my insurance company before coming to the
Many insurance policies and benefits are different, depending on the services you are going to have. It is a good idea to know your insurance policy before receiving services. For example: you may not need to notify your insurance company for routine tests, such as or chest. However, for other services, such as inpatient admission, outpatient surgery, or diagnostic tests and procedures, your insurance company may require notification prior to the service. If you have not complied with the insurance companies guidelines, you may not receive full benefits or you may be penalized. Some insurance carriers – such as Medicare – does not require prior notification. Some insurance carriers require a referral from your primary care physician to a specialist, except outside your PPO network.

Will HMH accept Medicare and not charge a co-pay?
HMH is a Medicare contracted facility and accepts Medicare. By contract we must bill and collect on all co-pays and deductibles. Medicare does not reimburse hospitals for all costs, therefore HMH must collect all deductible and co-pays. Any provider that does not collect co-pays must have a waiver from Medicare and must not collect any co-pays from anyone. Any facility without a waiver must attempt to collect all co-pays from patients to be compliant with Medicare. HMH does not have any waivers at this time.

If I am unable to pay my whole bill at once, can I make payment?
To make payment arrangement you can call the Customer Service Line at (270)-706-1565 and one of our Customer Service Representatives will direct you to a Financial Counselor to work out a payment plan.

When I cannot pay my bill, whom do I call?
HMH has Financial Counselors who work with patients to help with a payment plan that is within HMH guidelines. Patients that meet certain criteria may qualify for one of the two programs HMH offers. Those programs are the Disproportionate Share Program (DSH) or the Financial Assistance Program (FAP). To find out if you may qualify for one of these programs, you can call a Customer Service Representative at (270) 706-1565 who will direct your call to the appropriate Financial Counselor.

Click here to download a Disproportionate Share Program (DSH) application

Why don’t I get an itemized statement, and how can I get one?

The charges for your service are sent to your insurance company on a form required by the insurance company. The form lists the charges/services. After your insurance pays, a statement for the remaining balance (if there is one) is sent to you. For every service you receive, your insurance company should provide you with an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) to explain your benefits to you. You may always request an itemized statement from Patient Financial Services at (270) 706-1565. Kentucky State Law requires HMH to provide a patient an itemized bill within 30 days of request. HMH will send your statement to you, upon request.

Why do I have different account numbers?
HMH is required by your insurance company to bill each visit separately (with some exceptions due to insurance requirements which are billed monthly). HMH is required to keep separate documentation for each visit to comply with regulations. Therefore, each separate visit for each patient will have a different account number.

Does HMH provide financial information when a patient is admitted?
HMH has representatives who visit patients when they show no insurance listed on their account. The representative will talk to the patient to see if they qualify for any assistance programs available while providing information explaining the these programs that are available.

How can I make sure my insurance pays what it is supposed to?
Always bring your insurance card and all insurance information when you register. A new account is set up for each separate visit to HMH. This allows your insurance company to keep track of deductible and co-payments. If you do not bring your card and the insurance does not cover the costs because of that, you are responsible for the bill.

Does HMH bill my insurance or do I notify them?
HMH will bill your insurance company for you as long as you have provided all information at registration. Since many policies are different, HMH cannot guarantee your insurance will pay. If your insurance does not pay within 60 days, you will be responsible for your account balance or for contacting your insurance carrier for following up. If you have secondary insurance and provide complete information at registration, HMH will also file your secondary insurance.

Does HMH take credit cards or offer payment plans?
Yes, HMH will accept most major credit cards and will work with patients to arrange an appropriate payment plan.

Where can I pay my bill?
Payments may be mailed to: Hardin Memorial Hospital, P.O. Box 2289, Elizabethtown, Kentucky 42702-2289, or payment may be made at the cashier’s window (there is also a drop box available next to the cashier window for off hours). Payment may also be made in the Patient Financial Services Credit/Collection office. Payments may also be made at the time of service at most all registration areas.

Where should I call if I have questions about my bill?
The Patient Financial Collection/Credit office number is (270) 706-1565 from 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m, Monday through Friday. If you have received any communication regarding your bill from HMH, there will be a patient number on that communication. To help staff locate your correct account, have that number ready to give to HMH staff in the billing office. Any time you have a billing question, please call (270) 706-1565 to speak to a Customer Service Representative.

How long does it take to receive a bill?

Once your insurance carrier pays or denies their portion, a statement will be sent to you stating the balance due in approximately 10 days. If you do not have, or do not use an insurance carrier, you will receive your statement for the balance due in approximately 10 days.

Why do I have to have insurance cards or give all my insurance information?
Insurance information and copies of cards are taken every time you have a service at HMH. This is to insure all information is correct and up-to-date, as existing insurance coverage may change over time. Also, employers and/or patients may change carriers. To get your account processed as quickly and accurately as possible, we request insurance information on every service. This enables HMH to verify your coverage and benefits.

Why do I get bills from HMH, why area’t bills sent to insurance company?
Read all correspondence from HMH carefully. If you have insurance and have furnished your insurance information, your insurance carrier will be billed. If your insurance carrier does not respond to HMH you may also receive a “Coordination of Benefits” letter. Read carefully, your insurance carrier is requesting additional information. It is your responsibility to contact your insurance carrier to answer whatever question they may have. Only after HMH has received an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance carrier will you receive a statement with your balance on it. HMH has a Billing Service that will continue the billing cycle until resolved. If you have questions or do not understand the process, call a Customer Service Representative at 270-706-1565.

If I have two insurance carriers, will HMH send bills to both carriers?
HMH will coordinate benefits for all patients covered by more than one insurance policy.

Why would I get a letter from a Collection Agency?
You will receive a Statement when your insurance carrier has paid or denied your coverage. If your balance is not paid within 30 days from the statement date then, HMH’s billing service (ABS) will continue to bill to help make payment arrangements. If you have not paid your account balance in full, or made suitable arrangements, then the account will be referred to collections. Generally this can be avoided by a timely call from you to HMH.

Will I be asked to make any payment when I come to HMH?

Co-pays and deductibles may be made at any point of registration. If services are elective or non-emergent, you may be asked for payment prior to services being performed or service maybe defered.

How much is my deductible and co-insurance?

It is your responsibility to know your insurance coverage. If you are unsure about your benefits, you can consult your Insurance Benefits Handbook, or call your insurance provider.

If I don’t have insurance, how do I know what and who to pay?
You may contact a Financial Counselor by calling a Customer Service Representative at 270-706-1565 who will connect you to the appropriate Financial Counselor. The Counselor can give you an estimated cost of services, as well as work with you to determine the best method of payment for you that meets HMH criteria.

What do I need to bring with me when I come to HMH for services received?
Always bring all your insurance cards as well as anything your physician has provided you with, such as orders, referrals, or authorizations. You may be asked for a photo ID.

I have Medicare and VA, how do I know what will pay for service and where?
If services are for treatment to the VA disability, VA will cover until you can be transported to a VA hospital. If the services are not related to the VA disability, there would be no coverage by VA at any hospital other than VA and Medicare would be the only insurance coverage for that visit.

What does my HMH bill cover? Will I get more bills? Who will send the bills?
The statement/bill you receive from HMH, will include many costs, such as facility charges; equipment; supplies; nursing services; and other support personnel, etc. To comply with government regulations, most hospital-based physicians and specialists bill separately from the hospital. Depending on your service, you may receive other bills from your personal physician, surgeon or other medical service. Below are examples of “other services” that may bill separately from HMH:

Service Name Phone
Ambulance Hardin County Ambulance (270) 769-3016
Anesthesia Heartland Anesthesia Consultants, PSC (270) 737-4600
Emergency Elizabethtown Emergency Physicians, LLC (866) 965-6774
Pathology Heartland Pathology (270) 360-0199
Radiology Hardin Professional Services (877) 665-6620
Radiation Oncology Seither, Richard M.D. (270) 765-3886
EKG EKG, PSC (888) 249-9035
EEG Garcia, Elisa M.D. (270) 769-6875
  Garcia, Lovegildo M.D. (270) 769-6875
  Angeles, Victor M.D. (270) 230-0212
Sleep Study Garcia, Elisa M.D. (270) 769-6875
Treadmill Stress Echo Central Cardiology Associates (270) 765-5921
  Arce, Javier M.D. (270) 769-1559
  El-Shiekh, Reda M.D. (270) 769-1049
Echos/Holter Stress Central Cardiology Associates (270) 765-5921
  Arce, Javier M.D. (270) 765-3303
  El-Shiekh, Reda M.D. (270) 769-2929
  Villafani, Juan M.D. (502) 584-3200
Pulmonary Function Testing Moulana,Kamal M.D. (270) 769-9881
  Yazdani, Aijaz M.D. (270) 735-9066
Vascular Center Hardin Professional Services
(270) 769-5551
Urgent Care Center CareFirst Urgent Center (270) 351-8325
Family Care Center FCC - North Hardin, South Hardin, Magnolia, Elizabethtown, Helmwood, Freeman Creek
(270) 351-8325

** If you have a medical emergency or are in labor, you have the right to receive, within the capabilities of this hospital's staff and facilities:
  • An appropriate medical screening examination
  • Necessary stabilizing treatment (including treatment for an unborn child) and, if necessary,
  • An appropriate transfer to another facility even if you cannot pay or do not have medical insurance, or you are not entitled to Medicare or Medicaid. This hospital participates in the Medicaid Program.
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