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The Nursing Facility of Hardin Memorial Hospital provides care to patients who do not require an acute hospital setting but are unable to remain at home due to medical or physical needs. The average length of stay for patients admitted to our unit is 7-14 days.

The goal of the Nursing Facility is to help people regain skills lost as a result of illness or accident. Our team of rehab professionals is dedicated to helping you reach your highest level of function. We are committed to providing the resources and knowledge to ensure a comprehensive treatment program for your care.

After you are admitted to our unit, we will schedule a care plan conference to discuss your care, progress and discharge needs. We encourage families to attend as this provides an opportunity to ask questions and plan for your return home. Care plan conferences are typically held during the second week of your stay on our unit.

Suggested visiting hours are daily from 9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
During the day you may be busy with therapies so you may want to inform your visitors.
Meals are served at 7:30 a.m., 12:30 p.m. and 5:45 p.m.

Because you no longer require acute hospitalization, your physician may not make daily rounds. However, nurses can contact your physician at any time, if needed. We recommend you wear comfortable clothing and good walking shoes. Our social worker will work closely with you and your family to provide a safe transition back to the community. This may include home health and special equipment for use at home.

Rehab Team

The rehab team at Hardin Memorial Hospital includes: Nurses, patient care assistants, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, social worker/activity therapist, pharmacists, dieticians and respiratory therapists.

Prior to being admitted to the Skilled Nursing Unit you must have spent at least three (3) days in the acute care hospital. Because we are certified under Medicare guidelines, your condition must require the services of a skilled professional on a daily basis to qualify for admission. If you are going to be discharged from the acute hospital and feel you are not yet able to go home, you can ask your physician for a referral to our unit and we will evaluate your eligibility.

Medicare/Insurance Coverage
Medicare Part A pays the full cost of services for the first 20 days on a Skilled Nursing Unit. After the 20th day there is a daily co-payment. Supplemental insurance often pays this co-payment. Patients with commercial insurance may be admitted to our unit and we will negotiate coverage with the insurance company and inform you prior to admission.

Patient Comments

“My care was excellent. The nurses were very helpful, caring and very loving. My family felt very confident that I was receiving the care that I needed. The nurses were professional in their manner. They were always considerate of my feelings and health concerns. We are very fortunate to have the Skilled
Nursing Unit in Elizabethtown.”

“I received excellent overall care at the Skilled Nursing Unit when I had a total knee replacement. The wonderful therapy got me back home to my prior level of function. I would recommend the Skilled Nursing Unit of Hardin Memorial Hospital to anyone needing therapy.

“My wife’s mother was admitted to the Skilled Nursing Unit because she had a stroke and was paralyzed on her right side and could not speak. We were very pleased with her progress and care. She regained her speaking ability and walked out of the Skilled Nursing Unit under her own power 40 days later.”

“I was very impressed with the care I received from the Skilled Nursing Unit. They involved my family in my care and everyone made my stay pleasant.”

The staff of the Skilled Nursing Facility at Hardin Memorial Hospital look forward to serving you. We are very proud of our unit and the care that we provide. For more information on the Skilled Nursing Facility at Hardin Memorial Hospital, please call (270) 706-1206.

Skilled Nursing Facilitiy Brochure
Hardin Memorial Hospital. 913 N. Dixie Ave. Elizabethtown KY 42701.
Phone (270) 737-1212
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