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Hardin Memorial Hospital will be using computerized injury tracking software to record each injury that is seen by the Certified Athletic Trainer. Having this program offers a variety of benefits to the school system.

The most important benefit is for liability purposes. A record will be kept for every injured student athlete that the Certified Athletic Trainer evaluates. Anytime the school administrators have questions regarding an injury that occurred to a specific student athlete, the certified athletic trainer will print out all available information.

Another benefit is the ability to keep coaches and parents informed on what type of care is being given and how far along the student athlete is on the road to recovery. The Certified Athletic Trainer will have the program with them at all times on a PDA format. Information will be downloaded onto a laptop and backed up on a daily basis.

Looking for injury trends is a software application that can be very beneficial. The program will allow the certified athletic trainer to look at areas where there is an increase in injuries or where a specific injury is taking place. With this information, the Certified Athletic Trainer can meet with coaches and school administrators to look at ways of decreasing the rate of injury. At least once a year, the Certified Athletic Trainer will meet with each coach, athletic director, and superintendent to look at what has occurred in relation to injuries to the student athletes.
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