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200-Foot Section of Woodland Drive to Close Sep 22

HMH Construction MapElizabethtown officials announced today that a 200-foot section of Woodland Drive, adjacent to the HMH Emergency Department, will be closed to traffic beginning Sept 22.  The closure will accommodate a new, efficient ambulance-only entrance to the hospital’s expanding Emergency Department.

Drivers who travel east on Cardinal Drive and turned left onto Woodland Drive near the Hospital’s emergency department will soon be directed to use the newly constructed Hill Street Connector to access Woodland Drive north of the HMH campus.

Similarly, drivers on North Dixie Avenue will now be directed to use Layman Lane to access businesses or nearby residences on Woodland Drive north of the hospital campus.

Additionally, city officials are planning to install a new four-way stop at the intersection of Woodland Drive, Layman Lane and Hill Street. Beginning Thursday, electronic directional signs will be in place to help alert drivers to the upcoming changing traffic patterns.

“We wanted to give drivers who frequent Woodland Drive time to adjust their routes in advance of the Sept. 22 change,” said Ed Poppe, Elizabethtown Director of Planning and Development.

Poppe added that drivers such as those headed to Helmwood Heights Elementary School will still be able to access Cardinal Drive from the southern-most end of Woodland Drive where it intersects with Dixie Avenue, but a permanent barricade will be installed just north of the intersection of Woodland and Cardinal.

HMH Construction Map-KEY“That means drivers who live in the Deepwood Drive and State Street areas who may have previously traveled south down Woodland Drive and turned directly onto Cardinal Drive will now have to access Cardinal Drive via the Hill Street Connector,” said Poppe.

Public safety officials have adjusted their routes as needed to the Woodland Drive area and expect no changes to response times.

The changes come as HMH undertakes a 14,000 square-foot expansion of the Emergency Department. Originally built to serve 44,000 patients annually, the Emergency Department now sees upwards of 70,000, ranking the fifth busiest in Kentucky.

“We appreciate the city’s partnership as we expand an Emergency Department that meets the needs of our growing region,” said Dennis Johnson, President and CEO of HMH.

Johnson touted the Elizabethtown City Council’s decision last year to approve the 200-foot closure as well as the construction of the Hill Street Connector to best accommodate the change. “We appreciate the Mayor and the City Council’s leadership,” Johnson said.

The pending traffic changes will not impact access to the Emergency Department. HMH officials encourage Emergency Department walk-in patients to enter the hospital campus from Dixie Avenue.

The HMH Women’s Imaging Center and the center’s exclusive parking is easily accessible from Layman Lane, the new Hill Street Connector and Woodland Drive.

The HMH Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine Center at 1010 Woodland Drive is also easily accessible from Layman Lane, the new Hill Street Connector and Woodland Drive.

For more information about the changes including maps showing the new traffic pattern and answers to frequently asked questions, visit

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