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News IDNew titlePosted datePosted on homepageModifyDelete
258Fireworks Safety Message02-Jul-2015Yes Modify Delete
257Plant it Pink Cancer Awareness Garden Unveiled30-Jun-2015Yes Modify Delete
256HMH Physician Friends Celebrate First Father’s Day30-Jun-2015Yes Modify Delete
248Health in Heartland - STEMI Heart Disease30-Jun-2015No Modify Delete
251Insurer CareFirst Data Breach Will Not Affect HMH Patient Transactions30-Jun-2015No Modify Delete
244HMH welcomes Cari Johnson, APRN, Family Medicine, to our community.25-Jun-2015No Modify Delete
243HMH welcomes Gregory W. Schall, D.O., Family Medicine25-Jun-2015No Modify Delete
255Cruisin to Drive Out Cancer25-Jun-2015No Modify Delete
254Cancer Group Offers Valuable Support02-Jun-2015Yes Modify Delete
231HMH's Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Rehabilitation Recognized29-May-2015No Modify Delete
237HMH Outpatient Lab Relocated 29-May-2015No Modify Delete
252Minutes Matter for Vulnerable Babies22-May-2015Yes Modify Delete
187Free Skin Cancer Screening19-May-2015No Modify Delete
245Health in the Heartland: Establishing a relationship with your Primary Care Provider18-May-2015No Modify Delete
186Sports & Band Pre-Participation Physicals18-May-2015No Modify Delete
249CareFirst locations closed Saturday May 1618-May-2015No Modify Delete
247National Healthcare Decisions Day Designated On April 1605-May-2015No Modify Delete
246North Tower - Virtual Tour12-Apr-2015Yes Modify Delete
239Health In The Heartland - Heart Disease & Strokes 12-Apr-2015No Modify Delete
232Health in the Heartland - Bariatric Surgery10-Apr-2015No Modify Delete
129Just a Little Heart Attack10-Apr-2015No Modify Delete
242North Tower - Open House10-Apr-2015No Modify Delete
235Flu Prevention and Visitation Guidelines05-Mar-2015No Modify Delete
184Know Your Numbers12-Feb-2015No Modify Delete
230Health in the Heartland - Lung Disorders12-Feb-2015No Modify Delete
236Diet Free Weight Loss Program Free Seminar25-Jan-2015No Modify Delete
234HMH Outpatient Lab Relocated due to Increased ED Volume30-Dec-2014No Modify Delete
223Health In the Heartland - Breast Cancer Risks & Detection22-Dec-2014No Modify Delete
226Health in the Heartland - Information on Ebola 22-Dec-2014No Modify Delete
224HMH's North Tower - Construction Update October 201422-Dec-2014No Modify Delete
227HMH Wins National Digital Marketing Award10-Dec-2014No Modify Delete
229Breast Cancer Seminar & Discussion10-Dec-2014No Modify Delete
221HMH welcomes Amanda McCollum Chism, M.D., Internal Medicine & Pediatrics 02-Dec-2014No Modify Delete
222John Godfrey, M.D. Named HMH’s Chief Medical Officer02-Dec-2014No Modify Delete
225Let Christmas Shine 02-Dec-2014No Modify Delete
21810th Annual HMH Run for Fun with a CrossFit Option03-Nov-2014No Modify Delete
220Health In the Heartland - Urology05-Oct-2014No Modify Delete
211HMH Welcomes Amy M. Braden, D.O., Hematology/Oncology19-Sep-2014No Modify Delete
216HMH Welcomes Navin Kaini, M.D. and William Cundiff, D.O., Pulmonary/Critical Care19-Sep-2014No Modify Delete
217HMH welcomes Carl Tadaki, M.D., General Surgery/Bariatric Surgery 19-Sep-2014No Modify Delete
219HMH's Impact on the Community19-Sep-2014No Modify Delete
215HMH's New Sleep Disorders Center04-Sep-2014No Modify Delete
213Lunch & Learn Opportunities26-Aug-2014No Modify Delete
214Voting is now Closed for the North Tower Photo Contest26-Aug-2014No Modify Delete
212Genetic Counseling Program26-Aug-2014No Modify Delete
209Business for Breakfast - Controlling the Cost of Healthcare26-Aug-2014No Modify Delete
198Voting Now Open for the North Tower Photo Contest12-Aug-2014No Modify Delete
146HeartChase Hardin County - Event Postponed12-Aug-2014No Modify Delete
210Support Fort Knox12-Aug-2014No Modify Delete
207New Virtual Tour on Google Maps for the HMH Cancer Care Center12-Aug-2014No Modify Delete
202Health In the Heartland - Men's Health12-Aug-2014No Modify Delete
193County Judge Executive Harry L. Berry receives Kentucky Hospital Association Health Care Governance Award12-Aug-2014No Modify Delete
201HMH's North Tower - Construction Update June 2014 12-Aug-2014No Modify Delete
208HMH's North Tower Expansion Project On Time And On Budget12-Aug-2014No Modify Delete
204HMH Featured in a Philips Healthcare Case Study12-Aug-2014No Modify Delete
206Health In the Heartland - Paitent Portal12-Aug-2014No Modify Delete
139Cruise in To Cure Cancer 16-Jul-2014No Modify Delete
203HMH Foundation Receives Gift for New Rehabilitation Equipment 09-Jul-2014No Modify Delete
195HMH Honored with Mission: Lifeline Quality Achievement Award26-Jun-2014No Modify Delete
192The New HMH Cancer Care Center26-Jun-2014No Modify Delete
199National Cancer Survivors Day - June 1, 201404-Jun-2014No Modify Delete
200HMH Hires Chief Development Officer27-May-2014No Modify Delete
1962013 Annual Nursing Report21-May-2014No Modify Delete
194HMH Wins 4 Awards In National Healthcare Marketing Competition15-May-2014No Modify Delete
180HMH Joins UK Markey Cancer Center Affiliate Network15-May-2014No Modify Delete
190HMH receives Gold Quality Achievement Award15-May-2014No Modify Delete
183Sleep Disorders Center Moved To New Location02-May-2014No Modify Delete
191Cancer Care Center is Now Open02-May-2014No Modify Delete
189Pearls & Ponies - Women's Health Seminar02-May-2014No Modify Delete
185The Cooper/Clayton Method to Stop Smoking18-Apr-2014No Modify Delete
104Hooked On Helping Bass Fishing Tournament18-Apr-2014No Modify Delete
93HMH To Host A Healthcare Decisions Day Event18-Apr-2014No Modify Delete
182American Diabetes Alert Day 24-Mar-2014No Modify Delete
179March is National Athletic Training Month24-Mar-2014No Modify Delete
87March is Colorectal Awareness Month!24-Mar-2014No Modify Delete
177HMH Takes an "Active Role" in Shaping Students' Career Paths18-Mar-2014No Modify Delete
176Health In the Heartland - Heart Disease05-Mar-2014No Modify Delete
172HMH's 60th Anniversary04-Mar-2014No Modify Delete
170Screening for Lung Cancer04-Mar-2014No Modify Delete
173Know Your Numbers Health Fair24-Feb-2014No Modify Delete
168HMH North Tower "Topping Out" Ceremony24-Feb-2014No Modify Delete
118Diet Free Weight Loss Program Free Seminar29-Jan-2014No Modify Delete
137Medical Weight Management Clinic22-Jan-2014No Modify Delete
166Plan to be Tobacco Free22-Jan-2014No Modify Delete
167North Tower Time Lapse Video15-Jan-2014No Modify Delete
160Cancer Care Center is Moving to RobinBrooke Blvd15-Jan-2014No Modify Delete
165HMH Celebrated a Significant Construction Milestone15-Jan-2014No Modify Delete
164North Tower Photo Contest Update18-Dec-2013No Modify Delete
159HMH Wins Four State Marketing Awards18-Dec-2013No Modify Delete
157HMH Wins e-Healthcare Leadership Award 18-Dec-2013No Modify Delete
147North Tower Photos Contest & Mock Patient Room Feedback18-Dec-2013No Modify Delete
156HMH Wins Two National Digital Marketing Awards10-Dec-2013No Modify Delete
158HMH North Tower Construction Update21-Nov-2013No Modify Delete
155HMH Now Offers Self-referring Screening Mammograms21-Nov-2013No Modify Delete
1532013 HMH 5K Run For Fun14-Nov-2013No Modify Delete
150Dr. Adam Lye appointed to Commission on Cancer position 31-Oct-2013No Modify Delete
148HMH is pleased to welcome Karen Johnson, M.D., General Surgery to Surgical Specialists31-Oct-2013No Modify Delete
152Hardin Memorial Hospital Wins Studer Group’s Excellence in Patient Care Award 31-Oct-2013No Modify Delete
154Every Baby Deserves A Chance10-Sep-2013No Modify Delete
75Saturday Morning Sports Injury Clinic30-Aug-2013No Modify Delete
151HMH First Healthcare Facility in Kentucky to Optimize Clinical Workflow with Voalte Solution15-Aug-2013No Modify Delete
149HMH welcomes Adam D. Lye, M.D., Hematology/Oncology to the Cancer Care Center15-Aug-2013No Modify Delete
141Hardin Memorial Health's Day of Service at SpringHaven, Inc12-Aug-2013No Modify Delete
144HMH receives American Heart Association’s Get With The Guidelines-Resuscitation Silver Quality Achievement Award12-Aug-2013No Modify Delete
142Changing Role of Healthcare12-Aug-2013No Modify Delete
145Hardin Memorial Hospital Foundation Teams Up With Project Fit America to get Kids Physically Fit30-Jul-2013No Modify Delete
140We Have A New Online Look20-May-2013No Modify Delete
135HMH Presents Master Facility Plan20-May-2013No Modify Delete
138HMH is pleased to have Joseph B. Oropilla, M.D., Neurology, in our community.22-Apr-2013No Modify Delete
62Free Membership to Hardin Memorial Health Connection22-Apr-2013No Modify Delete
132 Why a Colonoscopy Is Important?15-Apr-2013No Modify Delete
131Schedule a Colonoscopy Today15-Apr-2013No Modify Delete
133Free Diabetes Seminar10-Apr-2013No Modify Delete
136March 30, 2013 - National Doctors' Day31-Mar-2013No Modify Delete
134Scrap Like Rose19-Mar-2013No Modify Delete
125Hardin Memorial Health is pleased to welcome Nicholas Ferro, DPM Podiatry04-Mar-2013No Modify Delete
128Go Red For Women04-Mar-2013No Modify Delete
124Heart Fair 201302-Feb-2013No Modify Delete
110Take the Community Health Needs Assessment Survey28-Jan-2013No Modify Delete
116HMH is A New Text4baby Outreach Partner 28-Jan-2013No Modify Delete
123HMH's WOW Mobile Health Unit to hold Flu Clinic17-Jan-2013No Modify Delete
122Surgical Center of Elizabethtown owned by HMH Accepts Medicare11-Jan-2013No Modify Delete
66Welcome Home 233D Transportation Company21-Dec-2012No Modify Delete
97BirthPlace offers a new style of photography for newborns21-Dec-2012No Modify Delete
61Access Advance Health Content Now21-Dec-2012No Modify Delete
98HMH is pleased to welcome Jason E. Goodman, M.D., Obstetrics and Gynecology21-Dec-2012No Modify Delete
109Hardin Memorial Health is pleased to welcome Chrysalis Colasanti, APRN, FNP Family Medicine21-Dec-2012No Modify Delete
108Hardin Memorial Health is pleased to welcome Brooke Taylor, APRN, Family Medicine21-Dec-2012No Modify Delete
115HMH Emergency Department Wins National Award21-Dec-2012No Modify Delete
1062012 Run for Fun- What a Great Race20-Dec-2012No Modify Delete
119Please turn off all Christmas Lights Today20-Dec-2012No Modify Delete
107Pink Night Out25-Oct-2012No Modify Delete
111MEADE COUNTY HEALTH EXPO 2012 17-Oct-2012No Modify Delete
113outbreak of fungal meningitis15-Oct-2012No Modify Delete
103Ride, Race and Raise Awareness for the Cure15-Oct-2012No Modify Delete
99Acute Care Patients09-Oct-2012No Modify Delete
105Free Bladder Control Information Seminar24-Sep-2012No Modify Delete
102Concussion Managment Seminar05-Sep-2012No Modify Delete
101WOW - We have updated our look!01-Aug-2012No Modify Delete
92$10 KHSAA Pre-Participation Physicals18-May-2012No Modify Delete
84Health 411- Women's Health17-May-2012No Modify Delete
68HMH is pleased to welcome John S. "Jay" Cole, IV, M.D., Neurosurgery 09-May-2012No Modify Delete
79Hardin Memorial Health welcomes Martha Green, M.D., Family Medicine to our community 09-May-2012No Modify Delete
94Photo Contest - Finalists have been selected01-May-2012No Modify Delete
86Local Residents Called to Contribute to Historic Cancer Research Effort 06-Apr-2012No Modify Delete
91Reducing Your Risk for Diabetes03-Apr-2012No Modify Delete
90Spring Into Health - Health Expo 201226-Mar-2012No Modify Delete
60More Than A Hospital...04-Mar-2012No Modify Delete
81Happy New Year02-Mar-2012No Modify Delete
83Family Care Center - North Hardin Open House Event26-Jan-2012No Modify Delete
76 2011 5K Run For Fun Results06-Dec-2011No Modify Delete
70HMH Welcomes Subash Regmi, M.D., Nephrology 06-Dec-2011No Modify Delete
69HMH is pleased to welcome Andrea T. Watson, M.D., Family Medicine 06-Dec-2011No Modify Delete
77Free Seminar For Joint Pain Sufferers06-Nov-2011No Modify Delete
65HMH Welcome's New Gastroenterologist To Our Community21-Oct-2011No Modify Delete
72Eat-Prevent-Laugh Breast Cancer Awarness Event21-Oct-2011No Modify Delete
73A Post-traumatic Epilepsy Awareness Program21-Sep-2011No Modify Delete
44Blood Drive10-Aug-2011No Modify Delete
18Parental Consent Form21-Jul-2011No Modify Delete
53Hardin Memorial Hospital’s Diabetes Self-Management Program Merits ADA Recognition21-Jul-2011No Modify Delete
52Hardin Memorial Hospital’s Women’s Imaging Center Has Been Designated an ACR Breast Imaging Center of Excellence 21-Jul-2011No Modify Delete
51Hardin Memorial Hospital’s Women’s Imaging Center Earns ACR Accreditation21-Jul-2011No Modify Delete
46Vascular Screenings21-Jul-2011No Modify Delete
64Hardin Memorial Health Participates in a Statewide Health Initiative24-Jun-2011No Modify Delete
58Take Time To Take Care- Women's Forum12-May-2011No Modify Delete
54$1,000 Hardin Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship11-May-2011No Modify Delete
55HMH Teenage Volunteer Summer Program11-May-2011No Modify Delete
57May is Stroke Awareness Month05-May-2011No Modify Delete
45NEW CHEST MEDICINE BOARD AT HMH22-Apr-2011No Modify Delete
2Weight Loss Surgery Informational Seminars22-Apr-2011No Modify Delete
29HMH Welcomes Michael Krueger, M.D.22-Apr-2011No Modify Delete
30HMH Welcomes Allison Cardin, M.D.22-Apr-2011No Modify Delete
43Advance Primary Stroke Center Certification22-Apr-2011No Modify Delete
47HMH Sleep Center Receives Reaccreditation22-Apr-2011No Modify Delete
48March is Colorectal Awareness Month!09-Mar-2011No Modify Delete
42Cholesterol Screening22-Feb-2011No Modify Delete
37A New Year – A New You09-Jan-2011No Modify Delete
1Health Matters24-Dec-2010No Modify Delete

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