Video Visit

Video Visit

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Preparing for your Video Visit

Whether you are ill, seeking follow up care or recovering from surgery, a Video Visit with your HMH physician or advanced practice clinician is just a click away.

Getting Ready
  1. Plug in your computer/mobile device.
  2. Close unnecessary programs.
  3. Find a well-lighted, quiet space to avoid interruptions and distractions.
  4. Prepare a list of questions you want to ask, and have your current medications or a list nearby.
  5. Have your physician’s office phone number handy in case the video chat is dropped/interrupted.
During The Video Visit
Log onto:
( A meeting request will be sent to you. )
  • Share your screen when prompted.
  • Be yourself and stay engaged during the conversation.
QUESTIONS: Please contact your HMH healthcare provider*

*If you are interested in this service and not an established patient, please contact one of the HMH Medical Group Offices.

How to connect using the device of your choice

HMH Video Visit Providers

HMH Medical Group – Clarkson Family Medicine
HMH Medical Group – Elizabethtown Family Medicine
HMH Medical Group – Freeman Creek Family Medicine
HMH Medical Group – Hodgenville Family Medicine
HMH Medical Group – South Hardin Family Medicine
HMH Medical Group – Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery