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Baptist Health Hardin Hosts Sexual Violence Exhibit To Expose Myths

Baptist Health Hardin, in partnership with Silverleaf Sexual Trauma Recovery Services, is showcasing an exhibit to explore common myths associated with sexual violence. The exhibit, titled “What Were You Wearing?,” aims to shatter the myth that sexual assault can be attributed to a person’s choice in wardrobe.

The exhibit features a collection of outfits – jeans and t-shirt, satin prom dress and Army fatigues – that illustrated the stories shared by local sexual assault survivors about what they were wearing at the time of their attack. All outfits were inspired by Silverleaf clients who are from the Central Kentucky region emphasizing just how “close to home” sexual assault is to us all.

While the exhibit is not open to outside guests, Baptist Health Hardin visitors and staff are encouraged to look at the exhibits available throughout the hospital.

Here are a few of the survivor’s interview featured:

  • “I was wearing a sweaty black polo, khakis, and a dirty apron. I was at work, trying to avoid my coworker. I had just finished a restaurant’s load of dishes when he cornered me. He’s attending law school now.”
  • “A yellow t-shirt from my mom’s work, skinny jeans and a gray jacket with my name on it. I was only 12 years old.”
  • “A sundress. Months later, my mother stood in front of my closet and complained about how I never wore any of my dresses anymore. I was six years old.”
  • “Army ACU’s (Army Combat Uniform) and I was carrying a gun. So much for preventing anything.”

The exhibits are part of a month-long awareness campaign around child abuse and sexual assault spearheaded by Baptist Health Hardin’s Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) and Forensic program.

Baptist Health Hardin’s SANE/Forensic Program is one of only a handful of SANE-ready programs in Kentucky that provides sexual assault patients with 24-hour comprehensive, compassionate and confidential care. SANE/Forensic services are available to pediatric through geriatric patients.

The Baptist Health Hardin SANE/Forensic Program can be reached at (270) 706-5774.

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