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Cancer Care staff member receives service award

Yvonne Davis service awardYvonne Davis, patient care assistant at Hardin Memorial Health Cancer Care Center, recently was named support staff recipient of the 2017 Marc A. Lehmann Spirit of Service Award.

For more than 18 years, Davis has assisted nurses and cared for patients receiving chemotherapy and other infusion treatments. She provides some patients with a pillow or blanket and others with food or drink, but all of them experience the compassionate care for which Davis is known.

The Marc A. Lehmann Spirit of Service Award Foundation endeavors to seek out and identify physicians and support staff in the field of blood cancers and hematology to honor long-standing service that encompasses exceptional proficiency, empathy and understanding. Each year the foundation presents an award to one physician and three support staff members in the Greater Louisville area.

Davis is the first at HMH to receive the award.

Marc Lehmann was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) at age 18. Marc endured an eight-year battle with AML, graft vs. host disease and numerous immunosuppressed blood‐borne infections. Following his death in 2012, his family and friends created the Marc A. Lehmann Spirit of Service Award Foundation to honor his memory and the many compassionate healthcare workers Marc encountered during his journey.

Davis, along with the other award recipients, in October will be recognized at the annual awards dinner.


Today, we celebrate one of our own at HMH. We are presenting the Marc Lehmann Spirit of Service Award presented by the Marc Lehmann Spirit of Service Award Foundation. The award identifies and recognizes physician, caregivers, and support staff whose careers encompass long-standing service to patients and their families in the are of hematology and oncology. Recipients have a clear reputation for proficiency combined with a consistent record of administering that proficiency with dedication, empathy and understanding for their patients.

Congratulations Yvonne Davis for your 18 years of service to HMH and the countless patients you have cared for at the Cancer Care Center.

Posted by Hardin Memorial Health on Tuesday, June 6, 2017

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