Life at HMH

“I Like working at Hardin Memorial Hospital because they care about their employees. All mangers make it a point to smile and ask you how your day is and they know you by name. Hardin Memorial always has a positive attitude and has excellent teamwork!”

-Lula Carroll, RN, PCU

“I consider Lifespring staff to be “Family”, we have worked closely for many years together.”
-Marlene Board, RN

“I love my job because I get to help patients and their families through difficult times. Being able to see people heal is amazing.”-Brittany Cochran, RN, CICU

“I enjoy working here because of the team like atmosphere and the other compassionate employees. Everyone is very friendly and understanding when I need help with something. But mostly the patients I encounter everyday who need me & are so appreciative are what I truly enjoy.” -Paula, RN, 4th

“I love the people I work with. They are always willing to help with anything. They feel more like family than employees.”-Kelzey Lucas, PCA, 2 North