BirthPlace Tour

Contact: Katie Sandidge
Contact phone: (270) 706-1247
Contact email:

Registration Required: Yes

Available Dates


Location: 4th Floor, BirthPlace Baptist Health Hardin (Take Elevator A)

Details:  A new baby… how exciting. In preparation for the birth of your baby, this tour of the BirthPlace area will familiarize you with the Labor & Delivery area and the Postpartum unit.  It is recommended that your support person accompany you. The tour will last 20-30 minutes.

Any questions or concerns you have regarding your tour please contact me by email, or call 270-706-1247.

Please note if Hardin County School System is closed due to weather on the date of class, the class will be cancelled.

Registration: Required. There is no fee.

Contact: Katie Sandidge (270-706-1247 or