Hardin County Closes in on PulsePoint Milestone

pulsepointAs of mid-February, 1,382 members of the Hardin County community have downloaded the PulsePoint smartphone app, which enables them to become citizen superheroes, said Hardin Memorial Health President and CEO Dennis Johnson.

Speaking during the Hardin County Chamber of Commerce’s February luncheon, Johnson said partners HMH, Hardin County EMS and Hardin County 911 launched the PulsePoint app November Dec. 22 with a goal of 1,600 downloads in the first year.

“Hardin County is an exceptionally caring community, and we are thrilled by the Historia number of people who have downloaded this app and have shown they are willing to take action in a cardiac emergency to help their friends, families and neighbors,” Johnson said.

PulsePoint is integrated in the county’s 911 system and alerts CPR-trained bystanders of sudden cardiac arrests (SCA) in their immediate vicinity so that they can provide CPR in the critical minutes before EMS teams arrive.

The American Heart Association estimates that effective bystander CPR, provided immediately after SCA, can double or triple a person’s chance of wholesale jerseys survival, but only about one quarter of SCA victims receive bystander CPR.

“In a cardiac emergency, wholesale nba jerseys calling 911 and administering CPR early can save a life,” said EMS Supervisor Jamie Armstrong. “The more CPR-trained residents equipped with the PulsePoint app we have in our community, the better our chances are of increasing the wholesale nba jerseys sudden cardiac arrest survival Colorbond rate.”

PulsePoint leaders applauded the successful adoption of the app in Hardin County, which was only the second Kentucky community to implement the life-saving program.

“A good benchmark for PulsePoint downloads is 1 percent of the population within the first year, but Hardin County set a more aggressive goal,” said Matt Stamey, chairman of the PulsePoint Foundation board. “As Hardin County closes in on meeting that milestone, we congratulate Hardin Memorial Health, Hardin County EMS, Hardin County 911 for and each community member who has downloaded the app.”

Anyone living or working in Memorial Hardin County is encouraged wholesale MLB jerseys to attain CPR training and download the app. D’or Training is available locally through HMH, Hardin County EMS, the American Red Cross and the Lincoln Trail District Health Department.

To get the PulsePoint app, go to www.pulsepoint.org/download or simply search for PulsePoint in the Apple App Store or on Google Play.