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HMH Board of Trustees moves to create direct to employer clinic

hmh porfessional servicesThe Hardin Memorial Health Board of Trustees approved a plan at its June meeting to establish a direct to employer clinic. The HMH clinic, which will be located behind the HMH’s Work Well location at 400 Ring Road in the Hughes Center of Commerce and Industry, will provide primary care services to participating employers’ workers.

Jeff Kingery, President of the HMH Medical Group, said the clinic will help expand access to primary care services.

“We know many people in our region do not have a primary care provider,” Kingery said. “Direct to employer clinics close in proximity to the workplace can help fill that need.” Employees of the participating companies who already have a provider can continue with them, he said.

In addition to acute care services, Dr. Jody Prather, HMH Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, said the clinic will emphasize wellness and preventative care, and provide health risk assessments and health coaching to patients.

“In communities where healthcare providers have established this type of clinic, employers typically see a reduction in sick days and overall healthcare costs,” Prather said. “Bottom line, easier access to care equals increased wellness and that translates to increased productivity.”

Prather said thus far, two area employers have committed to using the clinic and several others have expressed a strong interest.

Prather added that clinic patients also will have access to HMH’s network of highly skilled specialists.

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