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HMH Community Pharmacy in Elizabethtown offers curbside service

HMH Community PharmacyIn an effort to better serve Hardin Memorial Health (HMH) employees and patients during this time of restricted access to Hardin Memorial Hospital, the HMH Community Pharmacy in Elizabethtown is offering a curbside prescription pick up.



  1. Ensure the pharmacy has your prescription(s).
  2. Call in your refill number from your medication bottle
  3. Ask your prescriber to send an electronic (eRx) prescription transmission to the pharmacy
  4. Faxing a new prescription to the pharmacy at 270.706.5491
  5. Allow the pharmacy at least 15 minutes to prepare your prescription(s) for pick up (no later than 6:45 p.m.)
  6. Drive to the front entrance of the hospital near the Gift Shop (NOT the Admission/Registration entrance)
  7. Call the pharmacy at 270.706.1256 to notify the staff that you’re at the entrance to pick up your filled prescription.
  8. A pharmacy technician will bring your prescription to you and complete your transaction on a remote device.

Additionally, if you are caring for a patient in an area of the hospital that does not yet receive our Meds-To-Beds service, you may advise your patient of this curbside service and we’ll be happy to fill their prescription as well and in the same manner. You may also stop by the pharmacy if you’re escorting a patient being discharged and the pharmacy will fill their medication at their convenience before they exit the building.

Our hope is that this new service will alleviate some of the stress you may feel during these times by allowing us to serve you better.

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