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HMH Foundation funds latest Feeding Tube Technology

Hardin Memorial Health Foundation (HMHF) leaders announced they will fund a new CORTRAK System to help HMH clinicians place feeding tubes even more accurately.

“We formed our Foundation five years ago to help HMH offer patients the very best,” said HMHF Board Chairman Joe Prather. “The CORTRAK System is a perfect example of breakthrough technology that will help patients throughout the entire hospital.”

Feeding tube placement, traditionally completed by nurses at the bedside, is a delicate procedure with extensive protocols. The new CORTRAK System, which includes a computer monitor, receiver unit and specially designed transmitter stylet, will allow a registered dietitian to see a real-time visual of the feeding tube’s position.

“This technology is a game changer for all patients, but it will specifically transform feeding tube placement in our critical care unit where we care for our sickest and most vulnerable,” said Jamie Wilkerson, HMH Director of Critical Care. “We know that if a patient is not adequately fed, they will not heal properly. The CORTRAK system will ensure patients receive important nutrition and have the best possible outcomes.”

On average, roughly 600 HMH patients annually must be nourished with a feeding tube.

Nationally, roughly 40 percent of people are malnourished. In some cases, malnutrition is due to dietary imbalances rather than nutritional deficiencies. Simply put, people are eating enough calories, but they are not getting the appropriate vitamins and nutrients.

“Oftentimes, patients are admitted to the hospital malnourished and at a disadvantage for healing,” said Laura Cancel, HMH Clinical Dietitian. “It is our priority to get these patients proper nutrition so their bodies can heal.”

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