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HMH invests to enhance nuclear medicine, continue robotic surgery

The Hardin Memorial Health Board of Trustees has approved the purchase of state-of-the-art equipment for the HMH robotic surgery and nuclear medicine programs. HMH leaders presented the investment plans at the board’s October meeting.

The investments include an approximately $1.8 million expenditure to lease a Da Vinci robot with the latest technology. HMH’s existing onsite Da Vinci robot’s technology is becoming outdated and the manufacturer is no longer offering some of the system’s instruments and accessories.

“The latest-generation Da Vinci robot allows surgeons to continue performing robotic procedures including general, urologic and gynecologic surgeries,” said HMH Assistant Vice President of Surgical Services Rita Pardee. “These procedures are minimally invasive, which translates to better patient outcomes, shorter hospital stays and the ability to stay close to home.”

In addition, the board approved approximately $900,000 in new nuclear medicine equipment and construction related to its installation. The funds cover the purchase of a Siemens dual head SPECT gamma camera and a Siemens SPECT-CT system.

Nuclear medicine involves giving patients a small amount of radioactive medication. The equipment detects the radiation emitted by the medication. Further, the SPECT-CT system merges two types of images, providing more precise information.

“It’s essential that we keep pace with the evolving needs of nuclear medicine technology,” said HMH Enterprise Director of Medical Imaging Bert Jones. “This investment ensures that we provide the highest quality diagnostic imaging and exceed our patients’ expectations for comfort and convenience.”

Jones also noted that the equipment positions HMH to handle increasing patient volumes. In the last two years, demand for HMH nuclear medicine services has increased 11 percent to approximately 320 procedures each month.

“These investments are important steps forward as HMH meets the growing demand for advanced services throughout our region,” Jones said.

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