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HMH offers employees health incentives

At Hardin Memorial Health, we strive to create the best outcome for our patients and employees alike. That’s why our new wellness portal for employees is essential to maintaining and improving our excellent patient care.

This program, a partnership with wellness company Jiff, offers incentives to employees for healthy actions.

“We want our employees to be happy,” said Myra Covault, vice president and chief human resources officer at HMH. “We know that healthy employees are happy employees, and happy employees mean happy patients.”

Employees earn points for healthy behaviors such as smoking cessation, physical activity and having an annual physical exam. Points can be redeemed for rewards such as gift cards, merchandise or possibly lower insurance premiums.

Also, in order to make it easier for employees to participate in the wellness program, HMH supplements the purchase of an activity tracker.

Another added benefit to improving employee health is that overall insurance costs are reduced.

“Healthier employees lower health insurance costs for everyone,” Covault said.

HMH provides many other opportunities to improve the health of employees, such as free yoga classes, discounted weight management classes and discounted gym memberships.

“It’s our responsibility as regional healthcare leaders to encourage everyone to live healthier lives,” Covault said. “That starts with ourselves.”

Learn more about the program in this article by the News-Enterprise.

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