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HMH offers tips for healthier living in the New Year

Healthy LivingFor many people in Hardin Memorial Health’s service area, resolving to live a healthier lifestyle is a common goal for the New Year.

Whether choosing to quit smoking, eat better or exercise more – or all three – a healthier you will affect your entire life in a positive way. Here are some resolutions that HMH would love to help you accomplish:


  1. Quit Smoking

The first step to improving overall health, if it applies, is to quit smoking. Kentucky has more deaths from lung cancer than any other state in the country. To change this statistic, HMH provides Live Smoke Free, a monthly smoking cessation support group that offers tips on quitting and information on managing nicotine withdrawal symptoms.


  1. Fuel your Body

Other ways to live healthier include drinking more water – at least eight glasses a day, and getting plenty of sleep to ensure a strong mind and body. Eating fruits, vegetables and whole foods and avoiding processed, overly sugared foods will increase energy and stamina, and in turn increase the likelihood of staying with an exercise regimen.


  1. Move Regularly

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that adults be active for two and a half hours each week. Taking stairs instead of an elevator, walking short distances instead of driving and taking the furthest parking spaces are simple ways to increase activity.


Make 2017 the year you focus on shaping a healthier you. As always, please contact your healthcare provider before you begin any new health regimens. If you do not have a primary caregiver, click here for a list of providers in your area.

For more information on these and other tips for a healthier lifestyle, visit

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