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Hodgenville Physician encourages Social Distancing

Letter to the Editor featured in the March 25 edition of the LaRue County Herald

As a parent with a young family, I understand the difficulties of social distancing and the added stress of isolation. It is not easy to adjust to this new normal of only venturing out when absolutely necessary, yet too many people in our community are depending on us to keep them safe – and that means staying home.

At this point, we have no defense against the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, other than social distancing. Unfortunately, people seem to be doing the opposite. A large number of people still out and about – parking lots are full, roads are congested, and social media is full of group photos. This is worrisome.

The benefit of social distancing is two-fold: 1) we can prevent the spread of the disease, which is critical for vulnerable populations, and 2) we can avoid inundating our healthcare system with too many patients at one time, thus “flattening the curve.” We all have a role to play.

As a community, we need to assume that COVID-19, or the coronavirus, is here and that there are people carrying and transmitting the virus while showing no symptoms of their own. They are walking around seemingly healthy, while spreading the virus to people who may not fare as well. This is why we need to follow the CDC’s guidelines to put distance, at least six feet, between yourself and others and avoid gathering in crowds. This is the most responsible thing to do.

The other reason we should be practicing social distancing is to protect the healthcare system that cares for patients. If we have several people getting very ill at the same time, our resources will be stretched too thin. We’re already seeing this happen in some U.S. communities. If we can decrease how many patients need treatment at one time, more of our friends, neighbors and family members will survive COVID-19. This is why social distancing is so important.

We are all making sacrifices at this time, but if we sacrifice now, we can help keep those most vulnerable safe. Join me in practicing social distancing. Stay home. Flatten the curve.

Wesley Moore, D.O.
Family Medicine
HMH Medical Group – Hodgenville Family Medicine

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