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ICU/CCU Rooms Converted to Negative Pressure

“In times like these, innovation becomes king,” said Steve White, HMH Assistant Vice President of Operations.

Since February in preparation for a potential COVID-19 surge, HMH’s Intensive Care Units (ICU) and Coronary Care Unit (CCU) – which house the hospital’s sickest and many COVID-positive patients – are now negative pressure rooms. Negative pressure rooms help prevent airborne diseases from escaping by preventing the recirculation of contaminated air to other parts of the hospital. Air is pulled into the rooms, filtered, then exhausted directly outside the hospital.

In a further effort to better care for COVID-19 patients, HMH facilities management team, along with local mechanical engineering firm CMTA, equipped every negative pressure room on the ICU/CCU floor with a HEPA air filter.

According to the Centers for Disease Control guidelines, the best place to treat a COVID-positive patient is in a negative pressure room. Twenty rooms (10 on ICU and 10 on CCU) are now negative pressure.

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