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Millard Named First HMH Patient Experience Provider of the Year

Yesterday, the employees and staff of Hardin Memorial Health (HMH) awarded hospitalist Jeffrey Millard, M.D. the first Patient Experience Provider of the Year award at a HMH ceremony today.

“Our mission is to exceed the physicial, emotional and spiritual needs of HMH patients, their families, our physicians and our staff through the delivery of high-quality, comprehensive care to the people and communities we serve,” said HMH President and CEO Dennis Johnson. “This year, the HMH team said Dr. Millard embodied that mission like no one else.”

According to HMH Director of Patient Experience Raylene Thompson, the Patient Experience Provider of the Year award recognizes a provider who exceeds our mission and vision, not only with his or her patients and their families, but with the entire HMH staff. Physicians and staff submitted more than 800 nominations of more than 70 HMH providers from across the healthcare system, recognizing them for commitment to the HMH mission. From that group of nominees, Dr. Milliard received the most votes and the inaugural award.

“The relationship between providers and staff is very often indicative of how they treat patients,” Thompson said. “Dr. Millard received many nominations that spoke to his unbelievably caring nature and to his willingness to teach and help both his co-workers and his patients and their families.”

Some sample nomination comments about Dr. Millard:

Millard-Jeffrey “This man gives 125 percent every day … He comes in early and stays late to be sure not only the patient but their family has the time they need to discuss every detail of diagnosis and treatment …”
“He is very caring not just toward patients and families but to the staff. He is open to suggestions and recommendations … He is a great mentor and role model …”

“The nicest, coolest dude. Period.”

Millard called the award humbling.

“I was completely surprised and honored, especially given the caliber and quality of the peers with whom I work,” he said.
A hospitalist is a doctor who specializes in providing inpatient care to patients who are admitted to the hospital and Millard has been a member of the HMH hospitalist group since 2012. Today, the growing and successful HMH hopitalist team boasts 31 on staff.

“Hospitalists know this hospital inside and out,” said Dr. John Godfrey, HMH VP and Chief Medical Officer. “They work closely with a patient’s primary care provider and specialists and provide expertise and in-depth knowledge of hospital departments, technology and resources to ensure the patient receives highly coordinated care.”

Hospitalist Valerie Fisher, M.D. said she was not surprised Millard received this award.
“Jeff is highly respected by physicians and staff, extremely well liked and always willing to pitch in,” Fisher said. “We are so fortunate to have him on the HMH team.”

In addition to his role as a hospitalist, Millard has served on several committees and helped with many quality improvement initiatives at the hospital to improve patient care, including his work on stroke, pneumonia and sepsis.

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