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New equipment improves emergency room care

ER equipment

In a July 24 article in The News-Enterprise, HMH Emergency Department officials discuss the improved care because of a new piece of technology – the ThermaCor 1200. The ThermaCor 1200 is portable fluid infusion device capable of warming and infusing fluids at rapid rates and of sustaining patients in traumatic injury situations. The equipment was funded by the Hardin Memorial Health Foundation through a grant from the Crusade for Children.

The article discusses how one critical patient at the Emergency Department was cared for using the equipment.

“A rapid thermal infuser alleviates risk and will help HMH save lives,” Emergency Department Unit-Based Educator Tara Daven­port said.

Dr. William C. Nash, a retired physician and secretary of the HMH Foundation Board of Directors, said the foundation provides leadership and resources to strengthen Hardin Memorial Health.

“When HMH Emergency Department officials approached us about their need for a rapid thermal infuser, we began looking for funding sources. The Crusade for Children was a perfect resource and funded the technology to help HMH care for its more than 12,000 annual pediatric patients,” he said.

“It was equally meaningful as it available to adult patients as well.”

Read the article here.

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