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My BHH Record Login


Preferred Enrollment Method – Registering In-person

The preferred method of enrollment in the My BHH Record patient portal is through the registration process as an inpatient or outpatient at Baptist Health Hardin. Upon registration every patient who requests access to their account will be sent an electronic invite via an email. A patient must complete the registration process from that email to gain access to their Baptist Health Hardin medical records. This personal encounter ensures that the access to a patient’s medical record is being granted after proper identification has occurred.

My BHH Record Authorization Form

Registering online at

Patients are able to register for My BHH Record online at by visiting the My BHH Record link, a blue tab, at the top of the page. We are unable to “accept” you as a registered user and provide you with access to your medical record until we verify your identity. We want to make sure we have an established relationship with you and value your privacy. You may link to as many health care providers with whom you currently have a relationship.

In order to protect the privacy of patients and an their medical records. My BHH Record utilizes relationships to grant and remove access to information in the tool. This is done by design to protect both the patient and the health care provider in the release of protected health care information as required by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). Baptist Health Hardin and other providers in the community must check and verify the information that is provided online to their patient record. This verification process may vary by health care provider.

If a patient signs up for the patient portal online, a patients information will be validated against information on file within the patients medical record. If a patients information matches 100% then online access will be granted.

It’s Reliable

The site is always there for you – it’s available for use anytime and from anywhere you have Internet access.

It’s Secure

My BHH Record is powered by RelayHealth®. Unlike e-mail which utilizes multiple servers on the Internet, RelayHealth® web interactions take place from internal servers using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security and message encryption. You can be sure your information will be secure, private and unaltered.

It’s Friendly

The site is truly user-friendly. This safe, secure and convenient way to manage your health is worth checking out!

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