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My BHH Record Patient Privacy

Patient Privacy – Validating the provider and patient relationship

In order to protect the privacy of patients and an their medical records. My BHH Record utilizes relationships to grant and remove access to information in the tool. This is done by design to protect both the patient and the health care provider in the release of protected health care information as required by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). Baptist Health Hardin and other providers in the community must check and verify the information that is provided online to their patient record. This verification process may vary by health care provider.

Baptist Health Hardin requires that every patient who wants access to their medical records from Baptist Health Hardin present in person to verify their identity, along with any dependents, if they are going to be included on the account. Once verification has occurred users will be able to see medical records dated back to November 2012. If a patient signs up for the patient portal online, a patients information will be validated against information on file within the patients medical record. If a patients information matches 100% then online access will be granted.

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