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3D Mammography

3d mammography

Benefits of 3D Mammography vs. 2D Mammography

Cross-IconBetter Technology
Article-IconBreast images viewed like pages in a book, more detailed images, little hidden by overlapping tissue
Stopwatch-IconFast – 3.7 seconds for 3D Scan
ThumbsUp-IconPatient experience identical, same low dose as 2D
Magnify-IconDetects cancer at an earlier stage
ArrowUp-IconHigher cancer detection rate
ArrowDown-IconLower recall rate
CheckMark-Icon3D new standard for women with dense breast tissue

Mammography Articles and Updates

Radiologists make new recommendations reinforcing the importance of regular screening starting at age 40 (Source: ACR Commission on Breast Imaging)

On May 23, 2017 the FDA approved that 3D has superior accuracy for screening women with dense breast tissue, compared with 2D full-field digital mammography alone (Source:

Primary care providers are ill-equipped to discuss the topic, according to a study published online June 28 in the Journal of Women’s Health. (Source:

Anxiety before a medical procedure is common and normal. Here is the information patients need to know before a mammogram. (Source: American College of Radiology)

3D Mammography Presentation to HMH Board of Trustees, August 2017 (pdf)


In The News

HMH makes $1.2 million investment
Aug 23, 2017, The News-Enterprise
The Hardin Memorial Health Board of Trustees unanimously gave the green light Tuesday to move forward with a business plan to implement 3-D mammography.

HMH Board approves investment in 3D mammography
August 22, 2017,
The HMH Board of Trustees has approved an initial investment of $1.2 million to purchase two 3D mammography units to further advance the care HMH offers Central Kentucky.

Local entrepreneurs donate $100K to Hardin Memorial Health Foundation
Jul 28, 2017, The News-Enterprise
Hardin Memorial Health Foundation on Thursday received $100,000 in donations to go toward future technology that will help further aid in providing quality care for patients in the community.

Local entrepreneur’s $80,000 gift to the HMH Foundation is catalyst; inspires more philanthropy
July 27, 2017,
Local entrepreneur Kelly Emerine presented an $80,000 gift to the HMH Foundation at an event today at the HMH Cancer Care Center. Her investment will be used to help bring 3D mammography to HMH. Emerine is making the gift after selling her medication management app, Mom’s MedMinder, to HMH.


About HMH’s Multidisciplinary Breast Program

HMH Multidisciplinary Breast Program (pdf)

Contact Information

For Provider/Office Staff questions, please contact:

Darrell Adams, R.T. (R)(MR)(CT)
Manager, Off-site Diagnostic Services
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