Hematology/Oncology (Cancer Care)

Hematology/Oncology (Cancer Care)

Hardin Memorial Health Cancer Care offers state-of-the-art technology and access to the most current treatment regiments close to home.

Patients can expect the following from the HMH Cancer Team:

  • Multidisciplinary Approach: A team of HMH providers (radiology, pathology, oncology/hematology, radiation therapy, general surgery, plastic & reconstructive surgery and more) work together to determine a patient-specific treatment plan. In many cases, patients can see all their providers at one time as part of scheduled clinics like the Multidisciplinary Breast Program and the Multidisciplinary Lung Program.
  • Nurse Navigators: HMH offers compassionate care for the patient and their caregivers fighting the disease. Nurse navigators walk alongside each patient through the complex cancer journey so they are never alone.
  • Latest Diagnostics and Treatment: Patients receive the latest National nccnComprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) standard of care. HMH offers comprehensive services including diagnostic testing, immunotherapy, radiation and chemotherapy.


  • Cutting-Edge Clinical Trials: markeycancercenterPatients have access to the clinical trials and advanced technology thanks to our partnership with the University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center as an affiliate and research partner.


  • Support: With a comprehensive and holistic approach to care, HMH offers social services, genetic, nutritional and pastoral counseling. Recognizing that cancer does not just impact the patient, HMH has support groups available for caregivers and survivors.

HMH patients can expect thorough, multi-disciplinary, state-of-the-art cancer care close to home.

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Meet Our Providers

  • Donald Goodin, M.D.

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  • William Porter, M.D.

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  • Cora Veza, M.D.

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  • Cory Lucas, M.D.
  • Jordan Miller, D.O.
  • Richard Seither, M.D.
  • Stephen Toothaker, M.D.

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Hardin Memorial Hospital
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