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Multi-Disciplinary Breast Program: Breast Clinic and Case Review

In many cases, breast cancer permanently changes the aesthetic of the patient’s breast – ranging from scars to a total mastectomy. These changes can be lasting reminders of a very difficult diagnosis. However, Baptist Health Hardin’s Multi-Disciplinary Breast Program offers a solution close to home.

Dr. Ashley Kerekes, plastic and reconstructive surgeon at Baptist Health Hardin, works with breast cancer patients to determine their next step, whether it be breast reconstruction or scar modifications. This difficult, personal decision is between the patient, her family and her doctor.

“Our breast cancer patients have gone through a challenging battle, and come out victorious,” Kerekes said. “I have the privilege of helping them complete their journey and return to a new normal.”

Prior to making a decision on whether to have breast reconstruction, Kerekes meets with any patient considering the surgery to best prepare them for treatment.

“I meet with breast cancer patients early in their diagnosis and work closely with our surgeon and other providers to make sure the patient’s end goal is a priority,” Kerekes said. “Our patients are charting unfamiliar territory and we want to make sure they make the best decision for themselves.”

If a patient chooses breast reconstruction, Baptist Health Hardin’s team of experienced, dedicated medical professionals provides expert care, close to home, before, during and after surgery.

Baptist Health Hardin’s Multi-Disciplinary Breast Program team offers outstanding medical and surgical care, and provides thoughtful, well-rounded treatment to ensure we help heal more than just a disease.

For more information on breast reconstruction or Baptist Health Hardin’s Multi-Disciplinary Breast Program, contact nurse navigator Audrey Cleaver at 270-706-6904.

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