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Multi-Disciplinary Breast Program: Biopsy

For women requiring a breast biopsy, the procedure can be worrisome. At Baptist Health Hardin’s Women’s Imaging Center, designed by women for women, we take every care to ease that burden.

“Baptist Health Hardin prides itself on offering biopsy procedures that take much less time, have a shorter recovery period and leave no significant scarring to the breast,” said Dr. Jesse Bryant, Radiology, Baptist Health Hardin’s Medical Imaging Department.

The Women’s Imaging Center provides state-of-the-art treatment with the latest technology, utilizing both stereotactic and ultrasound breast biopsies for patients. A stereotactic biopsy uses stereo X-ray images to determine exact positioning of the biopsy needle, and ultrasound biopsies are similar. Very little discomfort is associated with each procedure, and they also are less expensive than surgical breast biopsies.

Baptist Health Hardin’s Multi-Disciplinary Breast Program offers advanced, broad-reaching treatment for our patients. For more information, contact Audrey Cleaver at 270-706-6904.

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