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Multi-Disciplinary Breast Program: Breast Clinic and Case Review

Baptist Health Hardin knows that collaboration between medical disciplines, providers and staff is key to a patient-centric approach to breast cancer care, from diagnosis to treatment.

There is no better example than the Baptist Health Hardin Tumor Board – a biweekly meeting of providers from radiology, pathology, oncology/hematology, radiation therapy, general surgery and plastic and reconstructive surgery. At each meeting, providers discuss all newly diagnosed breast cancer patients to develop a patient-centered treatment plan with their health and wellbeing in mind.

“Patient information, images, pathology and diagnosis are presented to the larger group,” said Dr. Sarah Callahan, radiology at Baptist Health Hardin. “Medical professionals with decades of combined experience come together, all focused on one patient, to determine the best course of action.”

Baptist Health Hardin is not only concerned with beating the cancer, however. We consider the whole person – her self-image, her emotional needs and lifestyle.

“There is no single method for treating breast cancer,” Callahan said. “We have a whole team of people working together to develop customized treatments for our patients, based on their unique medical and emotional needs.”

In addition to the expertise of the Tumor Board, patients have access to the Multi-Disciplinary Breast Clinic, which allows them to see all providers in one day instead of scheduling multiple appointments on multiple days. Baptist Health Hardin believes that patients should concern themselves with beating breast cancer – not scheduling appointments.

For more information on the Tumor Board, Breast Clinic or Baptist Health Hardin’s Multi-Disciplinary Breast Program, contact nurse navigator Audrey Cleaver at 270-706-6904.

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