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Multi-Disciplinary Breast Program: Breast Clinic and Case Review

After diagnosis, both patient and provider will discuss the recommended treatment plan and determine the best course of action. That is when our team of expert surgeons, oncologists and other medical professionals at Baptist Health Hardin come together to provide top-notch, patient-centered care.

Utilizing the latest technology and most current treatment regiments, as well as possible clinical trials when available, Baptist Health Hardin offers comprehensive cancer care close to home.

“Baptist Health Hardin’s sophisticated, wide-ranging breast cancer treatments mean that our patients don’t have to worry about traveling far distances for care,” said Dr. Chandler Park, hematology and oncology at HMH Cancer Care Center. “This eases the burden for patients and their families, and allows more time to focus on healing.”

By practicing a holistic approach to breast cancer treatment, Baptist Health Hardin concentrates not just on treating the disease, but also on treating the patient.

“We want to ensure our patients are well cared for,” Park said. “Breast cancer diagnosis and rigorous treatment therapies can be debilitating. Knowing you have the support of the entire Multi-Disciplinary Breast Program is very important.”

Baptist Health Hardin, through our Multi-Disciplinary Breast Program, provides complete breast cancer care. For more information on breast cancer treatment, or on Baptist Health Hardin’s Multi-Disciplinary Breast Program, contact nurse navigator Audrey Cleaver at 270-706-6904.

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