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Multi-Disciplinary Breast Program: Support Service

Support is essential for breast cancer patients and their families, from screening through remission.

Baptist Health Hardin, in order to meet the needs of breast cancer patients and their caregivers, offers a variety of social work and support groups to help navigate their breast cancer journey.

“Breast cancer remission can be just as life altering as a diagnosis – it is a new normal when cancer is still in the back of the patient’s mind,” said Stephanie Green, social worker at Baptist Health Hardin. “We are available to patients every step of the way to provide assistance, education and resources.”

The switch from diagnosis to remission is a time full of excitement, but also can be riddled with anxiety over follow up doctor appointments and thoughts on what comes next. Baptist Health Hardin’s Multi-Disciplinary Breast Program has multiple resources for our patients so they don’t have far to travel for care and treatment.

“Breast cancer survivors have experienced a trying time,” Green said. “It’s important to help ease their load as much as possible, and Baptist Health Hardin provides many opportunities to do so.”

Support can range from helping patients traveling to and from the Cancer Care Center to encouraging them as part of a Cancer Care Support Group.

Unfortunately, some breast cancer stories do not end in remission. If this is the case, Baptist Health Hardin presents a different kind of healing to help our patients in this next stage. Our palliative care team supports patients in determining how to live the rest of their lives, and in making the most of the time they have left.

Baptist Health Hardin’s breast cancer support services provides expert, holistic care close to home. For more information on this or on our Multi-Disciplinary Breast Program, contact nurse navigator Audrey Cleaver at 270-706-6904.

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