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Voice of Reason: The Benefits of Taking Communication Out of Providers’ Hands

Deanna Parker, Assistant VP, Emergency Services at HMH, was recently published in about the benefits of the Vocera, a hands-free communication platform used in HMH’s Emergency Department. Below is an excerpt from the story or click here for the entire story.

Voice of Reason: The Benefits of Taking Communication Out of Providers’ Hands
08/07/2018 By Deanna Parker Leave a Comment

Deanna Parker, Assistant VP, Emergency Services, Hardin Memorial Health

Even before the size of our emergency department at Hardin Memorial Health doubled, the staff faced a formidable communication challenge. Our clinicians were tasked with using a cumbersome smartphone that wasn’t conducive to a fast-paced environment. As a result, usage of the app was low.

In an ED, clinicians need to be hands free to multi-task and deliver fast and effective patient care. If nurses and physicians have phones in their pockets, they may not hear a call or see a text immediately. Even if they do hear it, they are often too busy to stop what they are doing, dig out the phone, login, read the message, and respond. Delayed responses and phone tag between team members was starting to impact patient flow and ED wait times.

With an impending expansion that would double the ED’s square footage and increase the number of exam rooms from 27 to 65, hospital leaders and staff knew the smartphone approach would be even more challenging. Hardin Memorial Health has approximately 200 ED visits a day, including many trauma cases. Clinicians could not afford to text and wait or spend valuable time looking for one another in a much larger space.

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